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First a little background information about me!I have always had a strong interest in computers and IT since my early teens, computers, software, etc have been like a bit of a hobby to me...

Melanie Sheargold (United Kingdom), MCSE 2003 15 Sep to 02 Oct 2009

First a little background information about me!

I have always had a strong interest in computers and IT since my early teens, computers, software, etc have been like a bit of a hobby to me. For around the last two years I have become like an IT support function to my friends, family and colleagues when they encounter technology difficulties!!!

I craved more knowledge and wanted to learn and know about more advanced aspects of computing with the view to starting an IT career in the industry. So at the beginning of this year an opportunity arose for me to further develop my skills and knowledge.

I explored well known training providers in the UK and looked at the different learning options and qualifications out there such as online learning; self study, and evening classes etc but I had my reservations about them all.

A friend recommended to me boot camp style MCSE training, so I began looking into training providers who provided these courses. I came across Koenig Solutions on the internet and their website was very informative and they had an extensive range of course options available to cater for all levels/needs, but the main thing that got my attention was the course prices. They were so much cheaper than the prices that I had been quoted in the UK!

I decided to research them and all the feedback that I found was positive.

I contacted Koenig Solutions to make some enquiries about the courses and possible courses that I was interested in. The service from all the staff here has been outstanding from start to finish. Koenig Solutions put me in touch with a student who had recently qualified with them so that I could find out more information, and ask questions about their experience.

Koenig Solutions’ communication and organization has been excellent, I was quite anxious about traveling to India on my own but they took care of all my needs and were helpful with any requests that I had.

I chose to come to Goa because I had been to Goa before (for a holiday about 3 years ago!) so I felt more comfortable coming to a place that I was familiar with. I would strongly recommend anyone who is thinking in taking a course with Koenig Solutions to come to Goa because it is a beautiful place, there is lots to see and do (that’s if you have time!) but most of all it is safe.

When I arrived in Goa, I was met at the airport by a member of Koenig staff and they took me to my apartment. Again I would recommend the apartment accommodation, the apartments are clean, and they have good facilities such as free broadband internet, equipped kitchen, double bedroom with en-suite bathroom, and they are located very close by to the training centre.

Now about my course, I opted to take a super fast track MCSE Training because I only had a limited number of days that I could take off from my work in the UK. With this course I got 3 weeks of one-on-one tuition. The MCSE Training was very intense and on average I was studying 14 hours per day 7 days a week. They have been the hardest 3 weeks of my life!!! But I am pleased to say that it was all worth it in the end because I passed all of my exams and qualified as an MCSE.

However, I would advise anyone who is thinking of taking MCSE training here to do as much studying as they can before you come. I was self studying at home for around 7 months before I came using Microsoft books and Virtual Software, and I’m so glad that I did because it helped me tremendously.

Also, I would advise anyone to try and come for as long as possible because it will give you more time on the practical elements of the course. The super fast track concentrates more on the theory and concepts.

Finally about my trainer, she was great :-) there was no language barrier, she was extremely knowledgeable and was very patient, if there was any confusion on a topic she would do her best to explain it in another way, and used lots scenarios, drawings, and diagrams to make the topics easier to understand.

To summarize, I would definitely recommend Koenig Solutions – it has been a fantastic experience and adventure. I will definitely be coming back when I’m ready to do more qualifications!