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Hi, I’m Mbutho Chibwaye from Tanzania, the land of the highest mountain in Africa, Mt.Kilimanjaro...

Mbuto Chibwaye (Tanzania), Oracle10g DBA OCA & OCP 20 Oct to 13 Nov 2008

Hi, I’m Mbutho Chibwaye from Tanzania, the land of the highest mountain in Africa, Mt.Kilimanjaro.Working with Government Medical Store Department as Senior DBA for some couple of years I found myself that my longtime experience will bear a value if I get professional certifications as DBA and Developer. The main question was where and at what cost would I achieve this; Koenig comes as right place to be. I come to know Koenig last year when I joined the first time for Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) and Computer Forensic Investigation (CHFI) courses which I took in Delhi on October, 2007.

This year I joined Koenig for OCA & OCP Oracle 10g DBA boot camp in Dehradun from 17th Oct to 4th Nov, 2008 and OCA (PL/SQL) & OCP (Form Developer) in Delhi from 5th Nov to 22nd ,2008 .The weather in Dehradun is wonderful compared to Delhi, it is so conducive for hard core studying.

One thing made me to come back to Koenig is because trainers are well knowledgeable in their specific fields of expertise. Not only that I have learnt how to pass my exams but also I have obtained vast knowledge needed as professional DBA and Software

Developer at industrial standards. Because it was my first instance in Oracle University training center, I have to go for regular track 10g OCA&OCP DBA group training in Dehradun and Mr. Biswajit was my trainer for that. His knowledge, industrial experiences were best enough to accomplish my goals.

After my DBA course I have to travel to Delhi where I opted to go for one-to-one OCA&OCP (PL/SQL and Form Developer) fast track with another trainer Miss Swati Budhauliya.She has best practical experience in Oracle development technology. Her best knowledge impartation techniques and vast industrial knowledge met my desired goals to come here.

Koenig has all facilities needed to make my dreams come true. Well organized transport from the day I arrived at Delhi airport, daily cab from apartment to training center which has best training facilities.

When you come to India for the first time, the first two days you will need to get used of the spicy food which are normal here, but after that you will real enjoy Indian cuisines. There is also some choice for the food from famous maker like McDonald and Subway. As I’m retuning back to Tanzania with all my certificates on my hands, I can strongly recommend Koenig to all my friends who want to certify themselves in various fields of IT.

Thank God I passed all my exams with very good scores.

Mbutho Chibwaye.