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My name is Matthias Schuering from Germany working for the company dia-systems GmbH as technical manager...

Matthias Schuering (Germany), MCITP: Enterprise Administrator – Windows Server 2008 22 Mar to 10 Apr 2010

My name is Matthias Schuering from Germany working for the company dia-systems GmbH as technical manager.

In March 2010, I was in Goa and did the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator Certification at Koenig Solutions. The reason to do the Certification in India is simple – for a long time I wanted to do this exam. But to earn this certification in Germany (where I come from) is very expensive. It is easy to pay 15.000 € or more for this track. So to the end of the last year I looked again for a way to earn this certification.

I found Koenig Solutions on the internet. In my mind I first thought: India? Me? For an exam? In English? – No! But over a night I had changed my mind. It can´t be wrong to have at first the MCITP EA certification and least this done in India in your maintenance history. And, of course, there is a big price difference between the Prices in Germany and the price at Koenig Solution, India. Including Flights, accommodation, meals and bit holiday-feeling, I paid less than one-third of the German price for the examination.

India is not Germany. And it is not like any other European country. But if you like new interesting impressions, like to explore the world, you will like India. I like in it anyways (I just saw Goa). The people here a very friendly, they have a nice vegetation, nice beaches and compared to Europe it is very cheap.

After I landed in Goa I was fetched from a driver, arranged by Koenig. My flight was delayed for two hours, but he still waited for me. He brought me to my apartment, which is about 300m away from the training center. The Koenig Student Apartment is nice to stay. I had a room with air condition (very important, the temperature was always about 34°C) and a bathroom. I shared a kitchen and a living room with two other students. If I wanted, I could have a breakfast and a dinner at another Koenig Student Apartment close to mine. But I also tried restaurants around and I liked the Indian taste. (That does not mean that the food in the apartment was not good.)

But the reason for the stay in India was not holiday but to get the certification. I only had three weeks. So I chose to do the one-on-one fast track. My very friendly teacher spoke very good English, it was easy for me to follow her with the contents. We could skip the things I already knew and the things I didn´t know she could explain me in a way, that I could understand them easily. She also told me exactly what I have to learn to pass the exams. So I really have to say thank you with a big compliment. Over all I was very satisfied with this training center. You could ask the center manager (Maria) about anything, like changing money, to arrange trips, if you have problems with your accommodation, etc. She always helped me.

The three weeks were not like holiday as I had to study a lot. But in the end I am now MCITP EA Certified, did it in a professional center, saved a lot of money and had nice experiences from India. I definitely would come back.