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My time at Koenig-Solutions, and a long time it has been!...

Matthew Pepperell (United Kingdom), A+ 2009;Network+;MCITP: Enterprise Administrator – Windows Server 2008;Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 09 Nov to 29 Jan 2010

My time at Koenig-Solutions, and a long time it has been! I opted for the career enabler (A+,N+,MCITP and Cisco CCNA) due to not really having much IT experience as my previous work was in telecommunications with the British army, I thought this would be an ideal start to my new found career.

My training took place over 3 months, I was located in Dehradun due to its peaceful surroundings (was going to opt for Goa but knowing myself I’d probably not have been doing much studying), the school was better than expected and the accommodation was fine. The training was great and the staff here would bend over backwards to help you with any problems you may face, like I said I had little IT experience before I arrived in India, but now I am fully confident in the areas I have trained in and will have no problems adapting my new found knowledge into a working environment.

I would also ask future students to consider the Simulated Internship™ at the end of your course as these have been invaluable to me in putting what has been learnt into practice, especially ideal if you have no experience like me in an IT working environment.

Dehradun is a busy city with a huge Market (very crowded though!), and just up from the market you have Rajpur road which has great places to eat and drink (I recommend for food ‘Yetti’ and for drink ‘My wifes place’) there’s also many computer shops, DVD stores, music stores, Levis, Nike, etc etc that you would expect to find in any city (there’s even McDonalds??, but no hamburgers !)

On Sundays you do have the opportunity to visit places like Mussourie and Rishakesh, both of which are about an hour and a bits drive, and the school can sort out transport to get you there. Apart from that there’s not much else to say, having been here for so long and seeing students from all over the world come and go you realise everyone enjoys it for their own reasons and their own experiences with India, if I have the need to study again in IT Koenig-Solutions would certainly be in the fore front of my mind due to the excellent training and low cost.

I would just like to say a big thank you to both of my trainers