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Hi, my name is Mati. I am originally from Spain but moved to London 3 years ago. I started to work as a web developer for Reuters last year but felt I had to upgrade and get new skills...

Mati Simarro (Spain), MCSD C# 16 Aug to 08 Sep 2005

Hi, my name is Mati. I am originally from Spain but moved to London 3 years ago. I started to work as a web developer for Reuters last year but felt I had to upgrade and get new skills. In England I changed career moving into IT as my background in Spain though in Internet was always in editorial roles. I needed to take some training but working full time and living in a hectic city as London never didn't find the time. That's why I decided to spend my month holiday taking this course and I have to say that it has been not only a good idea for my skills but also for my soul. It has been one of the greatest experiences in my life.

I went for Shimla, and I highly recommend it. It is a charming village, with stunning views and friendly people. Though you have to study hard, you still can have the feeling of “holidays” and having a break.

I took the MCSD in C# course (fast track) that btw, I passed ;-). I had a very good tutor that was always really willing to help and was always flexible with my demands. I felt free to change the schedule of my course to make it more suitable to my needs. Though my English is far from perfect I never had any problem understanding him.Most staff in Koenig speaks perfect English. Don't expect the same from the locals. Everyone speaks Hindi.

Koenig looked after me from the beginning to the end. It is such a relief when you arrive in a new country having someone to welcome you. All staff is very kind and effective. They were always receptive and flexible to all my demands, either academically and personal. They organized some tours around Delhi and an extra course in Flash even when they didn't offer on their program.

I stayed in Silverine hotel, that though was budget was really great. Huge room, clean and quiet. The ideal place to concentrate and study with stunning views to relax your mind. For the sunny days, it has a fabulous roof terrace. The only thing is I didn't like was the food, but in their favour I have to say that I don't like spicy or hot food. But always there were alternatives. Just 5 min. from my hotel there was a fabulous one, Willow Bank Hotel where most days I had dinner.

Every morning I started my day with yoga classes. I have to say that it is a must for all students. It is such a pleasure and you can feel the benefits from the first day. The yoga teacher, Javinder is one of the best people I met. He teaches yoga not from the book but from his soul, he transmits peace and happiness. The best was when weekends we had the yoga classes with his family. His wife, Nirmal and his sweet son Dolget. Really don't miss it. Through them I learnt not only yoga but also I learnt to appreciate the Indian culture.

It was the best way to start the day, relaxing and clearing your mind to take on the long and hard of study. After yoga a pleasant walk, about 40 min., that I really enjoyed and really helped to get fit.

I was worry about the weather thinking in the monsoon season as I went in mid august. But it was great. In a month probably it did rain 5 days and just for a few hours. Pleasant temperature around 20s, and a bit cooler at night. Some beautiful sunny days and others overcast, but in general great.

As we were a small group of students, 5-6 we became very good friends, supporting each other anytime and having fun. I was studying hard every day but sometimes allowed my self to chill out and have a beer with them and have a laugh in the bar. We get on well from the beginning and I made friends hopefully forever. Part of the great experience is because of that

If you go for Shimla I recommend you to take the train. It is amazing experience and although it is a bit longer, nearly 12 hours, you will enjoy every minute. Half way Delhi-Kalka it is in a normal train, around 4h and the other half in the charming toy train Kalka-Shimla. Slow speed in this case it is a virtue as you can enjoy more the great scenery. I was very lucky as in my way back was sunny and it was more enjoyable even. Try to sit on the right side, the views are better.

Finally to add that although at the beginning I was a bit worried about being a woman traveling on my own in India , I have to say that after the first week I completely relaxed about it. I always felt safe and didn't have any problem. And as I said before Koenig staff is always there to help and look after you.