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Hello,My Name is Mathew Biby and I attended Koenig in September of ‘07 to get my MCDBA...

Mathew Biby (usa), MCDBA 2003 (SQL Server 2000) 22 Sep to 22 Oct 2007


My Name is Mathew Biby and I attended Koenig in September of ‘07 to get my MCDBA. But before we get into that, I will share a little about myself. I ‘m from the U.S.A (Nebraska). A little over two years ago I decided to make a career change from the construction industry into the I.T. field (Databases). I started doing some research on where would be the best place to learn (ex. Universities, community colleges or I.T. tech schools). I became interested in databases, so that was the direction I wanted to go, but without having any real computer background it made the decision a little more complex. Being married and having two children dictated that I either quit my job and go to school full-time, or continue to work and go to school part-time. But I talked to numerous institutions and their consensus was since I didn't have any solid experience in any particular computer area, I had to start from the very beginning( Intro to computers). Being somewhat inpatient and not having the financial resources for a 2-4 year degree or Institutional Certificate, I decided to continue my search. I looked at countless online training websites and happened to stumble on to Koenig.

After looking at what they had to offer, I decided that might be a good way to go. What appealed to me was that they specialized in industry specific courses and certifications, not degrees or certificates, and that it didn't require years of studying before I would receive any benefit. Now, my wife happens to be from India and just so happens that her family lives in Goa, so it became very obvious that this might really be a good idea. So fast forward 2 years ( We had to save a little money first), we were off to Goa.

We decided that we would live in Goa for one year and that I would take some of that time to do my studying. Upon arriving in Goa, I noticed that there where quite a number of training institutes similar to Koenig. So I decided to take a look at them. I then decided to attend a different place. It was much cheaper and would take a little longer to complete my MCDBA but I thought oh well, I'm saving money and I'm here for a year. As you have already guessed, it was a mistake. Mind you, it wasn't a bad place, but they definitely lacked in infrastructure and used only Microsoft Press Self-Paced material. After 2 months and only one class done and no exams taken I decided that maybe Koenig was again the REAL SOLUTION ( Nice play on words…HA).

So I contacted them and went for a visit---twice. I explained my situation and then barraged them with a slew of question about the material they would use and their infrastructure. They responded to every question I had and also showed me the exact course material (Microsoft Official Course Curriculum) used in their classes as well as their classroom setup, network infrastructure. I definitely was impressed, but I still had one concern. How could I learn all of this stuff in such a short amount of time with little knowledge about it in the first place. Their response, ”Hard work and late, late nights”.

So I enrolled in the next batch, thinking that even if I didn't pass any of the certification exams at least I would be moving in a new direction and would potentially have time to get some practical experience by getting a job or internship locally before our year was up. This definitely turned out to be a great decision as I completed the courses and received my MCDBA. Although I wouldn't call myself an expert now in the area of MS databases, Koenig definitely put me on the right course. For all of you that are still a little skeptical about “Boot camps” I can identify with you. Myself of all people shared in those thoughts, but as the old saying goes “You never know till you try”. My experience with Koenig has been great. Professional, service-oriented, with excellent instructors that have deep industry knowledge are but a few of the qualities Koenig embodies. In fact I plan to visit them again before I leave Goa to further my skills and knowledge in the area of databases.