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I have been a COBOL programmer for a number of years...

Masechaba Kgwadi (Ireland), MCSD (VB .NET/Visual C#) 25 Jun to 13 Aug 2007

I have been a COBOL programmer for a number of years. Shocked??? I know, I know.....the language is still alive and the developers are not extinct. The work was starting to get tedious and repetetive and so I started looking at other options to put a spark back into my career. As usual I went on the net, not knowing what it is I was looking for and then bang(!) there it was Koenig. There website told showed me what was out there, so I opted to do an MCSD in both VB and C#.

Communication with the training center was efficient and pretty soon I was looking for a ticket to India. I was referred to one of the ex-students to talk to about the Koenig experience and he was really helpful.

Koenig organised everything for me, from being picked up at the airport and being dropped off at bus stations and hotels. Boy, they were short of blowing my nose for me! Anyway, I just felt safe from the moment I landed at Delhi.

The course was pretty intense. It's no joke when they call it a BOOTCAMP! Microsoft development was a new concept to me so I had to put in a little bit more effort so I could keep up. The trainers have an extensive knowledge of the subject with their patience and encouragement everything seemed achievable. Everyone(cab drivers, ground staff) was really helpful, even offering to take us to the tourist attractions.

Koenig attracts students from all over the world. The unity of the student body is amazing - Utopia like! My time with the lads great and surprisingly educational too. I must say I missed female company sometimes though. However, I was never without company and have had many laughs.

I have achieved my certification and it's good to know that techincal help is just an email away.

Shimla is beautiful and it was good getting back to nature once again. I just couldn't stop taking pictures of monkeys, dogs and even trees. I will definitely visit the Himalayas again and off course will consider Koenig whenever I want a skill upgrade.