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I would like to thank Koenig management, which responded to most of my requests positively and made my stay here quite pleasant and memorable. CHEERS...

Maruvuko Elisamia Msechu (Tanzania), LAMP Developer 24 Apr to 17 May 2013


I came to know about Koenig via my colleague who applied for an IT course. I therefore took the contact and requested a course on Website Management and Security. In a fraction of minutes, I mean minutes in one ‘digit’ or in other words in less than ten minutes I got an email response showing several related course links to my request. I then selected topics of my choice and again requested terms, references and conditions to my choice; I mean tuition fees and related costs. To my surprise, I was provided not only course expenses but also an invitation letter that played a major role in the visa application to India-which was granted by India High Commission in Tanzania in just within six hours! This is an indication of Koenig commitment to provide top quality education and that students/trainees are going back to support their countries/organizations for better and sustainable future.

Once reported at Koenig on 24th April 2013, I was received by warm hospitality and smiling faces of Mr. Gaurav Narula and Imran Siddique-given instructions related to my stay as well as my studies. Later that day I was showed my computer lab and straight forward started my LAMP training.

In the lab I came face to face with ever smiling trainer. My first topic was Linux. You could imagine I did not have any background experience on Linux but in less than three days I could understand and execute Linux commands! It is really marvelous!

Later, I had to start trainings on my core topic, which were APACHE, MYSQL and PHP. Similarly I had no background knowledge of these rather than reading them in our local newspapers and internet advertisements. Here at Koenig these terms were officially introduced and systematically taught by quite and dedicated trainer. In slightly less than three weeks I came to understand basic principles on how APACHE, MYSQL, HTML and PHP work and hence execute the commands. This is UNBELIEVABLE! I am leaving Koenig happily and knowledgeable. Thanks to my trainer in particular and Koenig in general.

My Visit to Koenig CSR Project:

Another event that inspired me very much is the Koenig Project to provide education and basic needs to the under-privileged children (both girls and boys). I was personally honored by Koenig administration to participate in one of the events to provide books to these children. This reminded me of my personal background-coming from a family of ten children. It was really a difficult experience, but through similar type of assistance, including school fees, shoes, school uniforms and books, I was able to pursue my studies to university level, then employed by the Government of Tanzania. Now I support others to fulfill their dreams and thereafter support similar group of under-privileged.


This kind of support/assistance that Koenig provides is really sustainable and will have positive impact to the future of these children. May this Koenig Project to support the under-privileged children be as prospective and prosperous as ever!

In addition I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to my 24/53-54 West Patel Nagar Apartment care takers for their hospitality and comfort that made life at Koenig home far away from home. I would also like to thank Koenig management, especially Mr. Paras Ahuja who responded to most of my requests positively and made my stay here quite pleasant and memorable. CHEERS!

The remarks given this day of 16th May 2013 by Maruvuko Elisamia Msechu