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I initially signed up for Security+ in the first week of Jan 13 for a course which was scheduled at the end of Jan 13...

Markee Settles (Kuwait), A+ 2012 30 Jan to 02 Feb 2013

I initially signed up for Security+ in the first week of Jan 13 for a course which was scheduled at the end of Jan 13. I requested to change my course to A+ for company purposes about a week prior to the A+ course start date! Koenig Sales Representative contacted and communicated with me via telephone and email in an Exceptional way! Her prompt responses, willingness to assist and customer service is Amazing!!!! She gave me a Great impression on Koenig Solutions prior to me arriving! She is definitely the perfect example of a true professional and I am expressing that as a customer, she displayed and represented Koenig in an Outstanding way leaving a very good initial impression on me! (She made me look forward to attending) Thank You; Please continue the Great service you are demonstrating its a comfortable feeling for the student to receive that type of 1st impression...

My trainer, continued the professionalism, rewarded me with extensive knowledge and was very helpful with me meeting my Goals! He provided course outline's daily, continuously asked how I was doing in regards to grasping the material... It was obvious he wanted and was willing to make sure that I was set up for success!

I felt like he was investing in my career and not just doing a job. That feeling gave me more inspiration and drives to complete reading assignments and give him undivided attention when he was teaching! I am a self-motivator but he really motivated me to want to learn more! The bar or standard has been set Very High by this trainer; I am very happy with my Koenig Solutions experience and I look forward to learning/training with this organization in the future!

Dear Trainer, as I know you are very humble and expect no recognition, however you are Very talented in your training methods and I just want to recognize you personally for sharing your expertise with me and All of the students you have had the pleasure of training... If you have Never been told; Thank you thank you thank you!!!

With Respect,
Markee Settles
A+ Certified!