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My name is Mark Zagorski; I live in London and I choose Koenig for my MCSE on the fast track course...

Mark Zagorski (United Kingdom), MCSE 2003 and CompTIA Security+ 15 Dec to 07 Jan 2007

My name is Mark Zagorski; I live in London and I choose Koenig for my MCSE on the fast track course.

If like me you have never been to India, you can expect a bit of a culture shock! The traffic in Delhi has to seen to be believed, its very chaotic and you take your life into your own hands when you cross the road, but somehow it works. The indian food also is very spicy if you eat out at an Indian resturant as the local people really like their spice - you have been warned! Although there are plenty of alternatives such as McDonalds, Subway and Chinese food so you dont have to worry if you dont like Indian food.
Koenig & Training

The main worry I had about going to India, was would I be able to understand the trainer and secondly would I be able to pass my exams in my given period, the answer is yes. I did not know of any student at Koenig who had a problem with understanding their instructor every single member of staff at Koenig from the drivers to the MD have a very high level of english.
The number one thing about the training at Koenig is simple, be prepared to work and work hard! Most of the students at my hotel didnt finish studying until 11 at night or maybe more if they had an exam the next day - I was no exception!.

Koenig will give you all the tuition and support you require to pass your exams but you need to put the effort in to get the right results out! My instructor was excellent, his level of knowledge and skill was very high, there was no question he couldnt answer - he did not need to refer to any books he just knew his subject inside out. The instructor was also very patient and supportive especially when you are feeling down and stressed with all the studying as there is only so much information your brain can absorb in a 24 hour period.

The ultimate question you can ask yourself about a training company would be "Would I come back here again for additional training?" My answer would be "Yes!" The cost of the training is comparively very cheap to the UK. The level of support and instruction is simply excellent.