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Hello my name is Mark Wilson and I am from Seattle WA. USA...

Mark Wilson (Usa), Security+;A+;MCSE: Security 2000 01 Apr to 25 May 2004

Hello my name is Mark Wilson and I am from Seattle WA. USA. I have been a Network/Computer Support Technician for over seventeen years at three major, four regional and a couple of local companies. Like most senior technicians certification has always taken a back seat to my actually doing the job and getting it done. But at a certain point in your career you must have the Certifications to backup your experience and I began to feel that I needed both.

When I researched the Web I found that most of the computer training and certification schools available where either way too expensive, too short in length, (or both), to offer credible and meaningful certification training. After nearly giving up I found the Koenig-Solutions web site and at first could not believe the
prices and options available. Only after seeing their address in New Delhi did I understand how they could offer such a good deal when compared to the other schools available. I have always liked to travel and the opportunity to see India while obtaining my certification goals was just to good to resist.

I think like most technicians I read the books, attended many different one-week or less classes in my career but I have never had the time or peaceful surroundings to actually take the steps needed to complete any major certifications. Koenig-Solutions has professionally and expertly provide me both in a safe and clean environment.
Honestly I was a little nervous about paying a deposit up front, and really nervous whether there would really be someone at the New Delhi airport waiting for me, but I can happily say that in the two months I spent at Koenig Solutions they have picked up every student as scheduled and provided the services and training as requested. Their training models really work, along with having the options to suit your skills and time requirements, and I have to say that they are experts in taking care of their students!

I would like to first give acknowledgements to the people who made my trip so fruitful and enjoyable. To Mr. Sandeep their slightly overworked but always pleasant Training Manager, to Mr. Subodh the Testing Coordinator, to Ms. Isha the Public Relations Executive. Also I would like to mention Mr. “Smiley” who provides for the daily needs of the students and Mr. Gopal who provided most of my transportation and the rest of the Koenig-Solutions Staff. Each and everyone one of them where instrumental in my obtaining 5 separate major industry certifications in a little less than 2 months and big “Thank You” doesn't begin to cover my gratitude.

I would also like to say “Thank you” to the staff of the Rangoli Hotel who has been very courteous and helpful during my stay.