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My name is Mark, from Coventry in the UK, where I work as IT contractor, I decided to come to Koenig Solutions for Windows 7 training...

Mark Wheldrick (United Kingdom), MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Administrator Windows 7 15 Mar to 24 Mar 2010

My name is Mark, from Coventry in the UK, where I work as IT contractor, I decided to come to Koenig Solutions for Windows 7 training, from making my mind up to go and sorting a India visa took about 4 weeks, and then I was on a Plane to Goa, India, it took nine hours to get here from the UK on a direct flight one of the last of the tourist season, these flights run from October to the end of March, if you don't fly direct you've one or two stops and it will take 12.5 to 19.5 hours each way to the UK.

The Plane arrived Sunday 14th of March, 7 am after having to wait about 45 min for bags and paper work, the driver from Koenig met me outside the airport and drove me to Koenig Student Apartment in Panaji, on the way I took in my new surroundings and the sights a little different to the UK but that’s ok we got to the apartment were I was given my Welcome pack with all the information I needed, the book for the first part of the course and some money for what ever I needed till I could get to an ATM.

The Koenig Student Apartment was clean and tidy the kitchen had all you need to cook meals if you wanted, which I have over my two week stay, shops are just a moment away as are restaurants so no worries there and you have the basic for breakfast eggs, juices , bread and jam.

My bedroom had a desk for study, bed, wardrobe, aircon, you will need it, and I also had a shower room with toilet. The living room has a TV which you can keep up with news form home with BBC news 24 and CNN news, Monday morning and we were picked up and taken to the training centre by taxi, its only a short journey were I met my trainer I was having one to one training, we made a start on the course and I also had some admin and paper work to sort out, lunch is at 1’o clock you order it in the morning when a chap calls in your lab with menus to chose from, the food was good and I always looked forward to lunch.

Now to the training working through the books about 3 chapters a day, My Trainer would stop and answer any questions I had, and explain anything I did not understand, I had no problem understanding my trainer ,but let me tell you this, you will have to work hard to keep up, you will need to read your course books to help reinforce what you leant in the day, also you need to practice for your exams, the only thing I wish I would have done different, would be to have Koenig send me the books, which they will if you ask, a few months before I started the course, then I could have read them before I started, have you ever tried to read a 400 page technical book in a day I don't recommend it ,because of this I spent most of my free time, reading and preparing for my exams, I completed the course and gain the knowledge I need and will sit my exams in the UK so don't think its going to be easy because its not you will have to work hard.

It not all been hard work I had a good time made new friends, from all over the world and had a day out at the beach, yes its been hard but next time I know what to do before I come again, if you can leave your self a few extra days for study it won't cost you much but could make it a little more easy on yourself.

I would also like to thank all the Staff at Koenig Goa for making my stay a pleasant one

Would I Come again Yes I think I would.