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Hi, my name is Mark Ekkers and I am from the Netherlands...

Mark Ekkers (Netherlands), Java EE 6 Developer (OCE-WCD, JSF 2, OCE-EJB, OCE-JPA & OCE-JWS) 05 Oct to 12 Nov 2009

Hi, my name is Mark Ekkers and I am from the Netherlands. I did the the regular track Multiple Java Training -  SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD and SCDJWS certifications.  Being in Goa for almost 7 weeks was really a nice experience, the weather is nice and India is an amazing country to stay.

The people at Koenig do a good job to make feel comfortable and make your studies a succes. Everything is well organized and if something must be arranged you can always call Maria who will take care of it.

The quality of the training is very good and  and the trainers are excellent. Compared to the cost in the Netherlands I think it's a really good deal. So if you need a certification and can spend the time, do it in Goa!

Best regards,
Mark Ekkers