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I am a graduate of computer science; I have always wanted more knowledge on networking...

Mahmud Jada M (Nigeria), CCNA V2 and CCNP V2 16 Nov to 23 Dec 2009

I am a graduate of computer science; I have always wanted more knowledge on networking. So I decided to go for Cisco, being the world strongest in networking.

A friend, who had also come to Koenig Solutions for the same course I’m applying for, recommended Koenig. Saying it was a lot cheaper than doing it in my country & it is completed in very few weeks compared to other boot camps.

I contacted Koenig to make some enquiries & the service from all the staff here has been outstanding from start to finish.

I chose to come to Goa because I have heard lots about it and the weather was a bit more like home (Warm). I would recommend anyone coming to choose Goa because it’s a beautiful place & it’s very peaceful, not crowded & has lots of friendly people.

When I arrived, I was received by a Koenig staff who took me to Koenig Apartment, which was really comfortable & feels like a home way from home. It has a well equipped kitchen, double bedroom with en-suite toilets & bathrooms, and they are located very close by to Koenig training centre (3-6 minutes walk).

I chose regular track for my course (CCNA, CCNP) which was about 39 days. I came along with a friend; our training starts 9 am – 4pm (7 hours) 6 days a week. About my trainer, he is really great well educated and has a lot of knowledge on the courses, which made it very easy. There was no misunderstanding incase language. He was very helpful.

Finally, I would recommend Koenig solutions to any body coming for an IT course. They have great facilities, wonderful staff (who are friendly & always willing to help) & extremely knowledgeable Trainer. I will definitely choose Koenig Solutions whenever I’m ready for more IT qualifications.