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I am from New Zealand and after forty days of training, this is a summary of my experience at Koenig Delhi…

Mahendra Prasad (New Zealand), Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Advance Development;MCTS: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Financials;MCTS: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Trade and Logistics;MCTS: 03 Feb to 12 Mar 2014

Dear Koenig staff and readers,

I am from New Zealand and after forty days of training, this is a summary of my experience at Koenig Delhi. My experience at Koenig Solutions has been a great one. When I first inquired about a suitable course for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R2 training, the ladies in the sales team were very helpful. We discussed in detail as my requirements were very specific. Koenig team was able to customize the course to suit my needs. All costs were clearly laid out which made it easier for my manager to review and approve without any hassle. By providing a full package, which is - airport pickup, hotel accommodation, shuttle bus from the hotel to the training centre and back, all meals, full laundry service, laptop, phone connection - it really makes life easier on the student.

The sightseeing tours provided on Sundays were good since it gave students an opportunity take a break from studies and visit a few historic places. During my stay at Koenig, I also met people from many parts of the globe and exchanged contact details. It was also good to see that they(Koenig) carried out surveys on some of the services they provided and took corrective steps where necessary. Some examples are poor internet, shuttle transport departure times - the shuttle bus even when full, used to wait till a specific time before they would depart from the training centre. This did not make any sense. We discussed this with the concerned person who discussed with his team and took corrective action. As a result, students now do not have to wait for long before the bus departs for their destination.

My trainers were all smart young hard working ladies. They would never leave an issue unresolved. Even the sales consultant checked with me if everything was going alright, which was good to see. Generally Koenig staff have a professional and caring attitude which I am impressed about, so keep this up.

[One suggestion I have for the lunch room - current arrangement -> Pick up your plate, then Salad bar and the sauces are the first thing you have to pick before you get to the main meal which makes it very awkward. It would be nice if the main meals precede the salad bar, desert and the sauces. So the order would be > Pick your plate > serve main/hot meal > pick/serve salads > help yourself with any sauces and juices.]

I am very satisfied with the outcome, especially after passing all my exams with great results. I would not be able to this if it was not for this boot-camp. If you are planning for a course in India, then do not hesitate. Do read about India - Lonely Planet is a good source of information. Do not bring too many clothes as you can buy good clothes at a very fair price. You can even get them made to measure.

Kind Regards,
Mahendra Prasad