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I'm Kris Nijs, 27 years old, from Belgium...

Krish Nijs (belium), CCA for Citrix Edge Sight 4.5;MCTS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Configuration 12 Nov to 24 Nov 2007

I'm Kris Nijs, 27 years old, from Belgium.

I stayed at Koenig Solutions (Goa) for 2 weeks in November, for CCA Presentation Server 4.5 and MCTS Exchange Server 2007.

For me it was like a utopia: When I read about Koenig it was “Learning far away from home, thinking about nothing else, and come back home with your certification” but I must say, it's an amazing combination that works!

During this period, people of Koenig gave it all to make my stay very comfortable, they take care of everything you need and ask for! It's a
hard job to forget the nice beaches and beautiful weather around you while studying whole days (and nights) to get your certification, but in your free time Goa is an unforgettable place with the nice cities and beaches around you.

I got 2 different trainers for two different courses, and I must say their level in knowledge is what you aspect from a Trainer. They were very helpful and I was given every possible aid to understand our subject completely and also the necessary information to prepare for passing the examinations. The Trainers are very helpful.

The hotel I was staying, Hotel Fidalgo, was a really good one. Great rooms, airco (very important when it's 35 degrees outside!) 5 restaurants with great food, polite staff, room service, so everything you need! I also had some great time with my fellow-students over here!

Overall my experience with Koenig & Goa/India was very positive and very worthwhile. You first get a real culture shock, but you'll used fast to it. I really recommend this kind of training to everybody that likes to get his/her certification on a cheap, unique and fast way!

Oh yeah, I passed my exams, I really enjoyed the 2 free days I had during this period, and I'm sure I will do it again if I get this chance again! Cheers, Kris