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It was a complete accident that I found Koenig Solutions as a training provider, but I'm glad I did...

Kam Lagan (United Kingdom), MCSD (Visual C#) & MCDBA 2003 01 Mar to 14 Apr 2004

It was a complete accident that I found Koenig Solutions as a training provider, but I'm glad I did. Personally it is fulfilling two of my dreams; computer certification to prove to myself and prospective employers that I am competent and travel India.

I'd only been here a few days before people in the area began recognising me and we would just strike up a conversation. I was taken back a little at how friendly everyone is and willing to help you.

Everyone is willing to bend over backwards to make you feel as comfortable as possible and provide you with everything you need. The cost of living is very cheap, which is always nice, and you do find it hard to spend any money!

I haven't had much time to venture around India yet, but I plan to do this after my course has finished, but there are plenty of places to visit near by. Getting to them is something else! The traffic is the first thing that takes your breath away. It is nothing short of organised chaos. In theory it shouldn't work, but when you see the reality it does! I can only
deduce that road markings and signs are more a suggestion that a law. Auto rickshaws should be experienced by all. They are a great mode of transport and an ingenious idea. Normal rickshaws are for when you want a more quiet and tranquil trip.

I've seen many different things while in traffic from cows standing in the central reservation to being overtaken by camels. I've seen monkeys on the back on bicycles, a family of four on one motorcycle and we've had to give way to an elephant! Where else would you get traffic like that?

Coming from the UK, the life style is different and takes some getting used to but Koenig Solutions provided support from the moment I enquired about training.

Once I got here the Hospitality Clerk is always on hand to provide assistance in trips, local events, and advice on just about everything 24/7.

One of the events arranged by Koenig Solutions that helped me to get to know a few of the students a bit better was an event to celebrate the festival of Holi (Festival of Colours) which was great fun. There were plenty of pictures…..many of which I don't actually remember, which is normally the sign of a good party wouldn't you say?

I have trained on a few computer courses in the UK, but have never met teachers as knowledgeable as the teachers at Koenig Solutions. It seems like there is nothing they don't know. The speed of the course requires you to work hard, but when you do, you are guaranteed plenty of time to play hard.

I have learnt more about programming than I expected, I have experienced a different way of life, I have met lots of different people, seen things I could never imagine and I got a sun tan!

I was a bit dubious about coming to Koenig Solutions as I know many people were. It sounded like a scam, but I can assure you it is all honest and when I got settled into my hotel room, I actually felt guilty for doubting Koenig Solutions. Especially after how helpful they've all been.

Be it MCSD, MCSE, MCAD or CCNA, you get a free course; a certification in the Indian XPerience.

Naughty!? I don't know where you got that idea. Brilliant mind?? Wow! Thanks! I have added a link to your site in my resume to show prospective employers how good I am!

I thought I would sum up my stay at Koenig Solutions now that I have finished and have to head off. Something to do with responsibilities, pay the bills, court appearances, but we won't go into that now.

Normally it is all too easy to get carried away with initial impressions of something, only later to find out that not everything was as it at first seemed! All I can say is that the longer I stayed, the better it got!

Presently I am sitting here trying to rebuild my laptop. I believed that I was some kind of computer whiz after completing my course; I've got some way to go I can tell you!

To be fair I did come here on a programming course, so little wonder why I am not a network whiz! Although the mistake I made was a schoolboy one, it is one that I shan't repeat in the future. Another mistake I shan't make in the future is take any more courses in the UK. Obviously the surroundings helped make your experience pleasurable, but when you look at the quality of training and support given, you just can't go wrong and regardless of where this course may have been does not change this.

I have now finished my course and have attained an MCSD VB.NET, MCSD C# and an MCDBA 2000. The only problem I have now is that I don't want to leave. So I have decided to complete two more courses/exams and attain a further certification!

After I have completed my final course, I feel a trip around the Himalayas, Jaipur and Agra is over due but more than that, well deserved!I've had had two wonderful teachers for two fun-filled months. My first teacher gave me what I needed to know about programming, while my second teacher filled up the gaps in my SQL knowledge - which was quite a substantial amount although all these years I never knew. Oh how my ignorance was bliss! Now I'll have to work for a living!

If you do plan on coming here don't weigh your suitcase down with clothes. There are a multitude of shops and markets that sell them for a fraction of the cost it takes to buy a pair of socks in the UK! The reason I mention this is because I am having trouble closing my suitcase at the moment and think I might have to resort to shipping some of my things over via post. Hmmm. I never was much of a planner…

I have even been brave enough to try some traditional Indian clothes. I was a little hesitant at first, but the shopkeeper assured me that if I wasn't completely happy with it I could always return it for something else. After a day wearing the clothes I could take the odd stares from passers by no longer. I felt everyone was looking at me. I felt paranoid. So first thing the following days I returned the sari and exchanged it for something a little more me.

As with all these featured student write-ups, they are subjective and everyone will have a different experience. I can only tell you mine, and as I am sure you can see from other write-ups and plenty more to come, this is a fantastic place to study. It is not so much a school, but more a community where teachers are more than willing to talk outside of the curriculum to help cement more fundamental theories before you can grasp the concepts in the course and are willing to give you everything you need to feel confident in your knowledge and pass your certification first time round.

If people have had the same experiences as me whilst being over here then I am surprised that India is so large. Because I am sure, like me, they will be taking a piece of India back with them.

The only gripe I do have about Koenig Solutions is this. They prepare you for your trip over. They prepare you for your course and exam whilst supporting you throughout your stay. The only thing they don't do is prepare you for when you have to leave…