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My name is Kai I am 30 years old and I am from Switzerland...

Kai Pistorious (Switzerland), A+ 2009 21 Nov to 25 Nov 2008

My name is Kai I am 30 years old and I am from Switzerland. I signed up for the fast Track A+ course in Goa as I wanted to shoot the IT with my knowledge.

I arrived in Goa on the 16th November 2008 and then moved to Hampi as there was some time to take up the course. When visiting Goa I really recommend to stay at least two days in Hampi as the temples are really impressing and nice place to relax. Check out the photographs.

I left from Hampi on the 20th Nov and I arrived with the bus (sleeper coach where you actually cannot sleep at all because of the shaking) on the 21th Nov straight into Koenig, where Centre Manager (CM) welcomed me. Everything seemed to be greek since I am a swiss guy. The words from her (dear) made me comfortable and here I thought this is the place I would like to be.

She introduced me then to my A+ trainer Hyson Dsouza. I saw him for the first time sitting in front of the pc in the lab number 3. This place would be my training block for the next 5 days. The warm welcome of my Trainer made me feel even more comfortable and I started feeling like at home.  Hyson threw some quick questions at me which made me aware what I would be gaining from the course. The most thing I was afraid of apart from taking the exam that I would have difficulties understanding the English with Indian accent. I soon noticed that this wasn’t a problem at all as all staff from Koenig had very good communication skills.

The training covered even more than what was expected to be in the course. When I asked Trainer to demonstrate additional topics like IPSec, setting up of domain controllers and the most powerful subnetting he gladly explained it to me in a way I could follow very easily. This comfort from the trainer even made me stay beyond the working hours (5 p.m.) without losing energy and go walking back to my hotel (the office boy always cancelled the cab for me). The lab was small but the trainer fitted (motherboards, memorys, CPU, harddrives, SMPS ….) into it. It was really hands on playing with the computer hardware (great experience).

This course is very suitable for people who want to get into IT and already have some knowledge of computers. As I already cleared the Microsoft 70-620 exam in Switzerland and the fact that I had some experience with computers even made it better. Finally the excellent teaching skills of Trainer helped me to get the knowledge needed to perform on the field and pass the 220-601 exam with a score of 860 and the 220-602 exam with 875.

I really recommend this course for everybody at Goa even not willing to learn?. Koenig is a place to be where learning is fun.