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 Focus on the IT training, study hard, and give yourself some time off for later and you’ll have a positive memorable experience to share with family and friends...

Julio Hernandez (United States), A+ 2009;Network+;Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 09 Aug to 30 Aug 2010

My name is Julio Hernandez; I’m an IT manager based in San Fernando, Philippines. Although my background is in transmission systems with the last 10 years managing small to medium IT contracts, I felt it was time to stop procrastinating and complete the certifications I chosen years past.

I decided to start with vendor neutral certifications – CompTIA A+ 2009, N+ and work my way towards Cisco IT course CCNA since they are the predominate network solution providers. Realizing the difficulty in achieving the goal through self-study and the small window of time to complete the goal, I decided the best way would be an instructor led course. I browsed the internet and found a number of vendors capable of providing the course, however they charge a great deal more and could not accommodate the dates available to me.

I recall a business associate mentioned he completed several courses in India so I continued searching the web for courses in India and found Koenig. I could not believe the difference in price, even after the cost of the IT course, the return flight, and the money I would spend over there; it was one third the US price.

I emailed Koenig to enquire about booking and availability, and received a quick reply with questions to validate the IT courses, dates, and location.  Although I chose Delhi, I was offered an upgrade to attend the IT courses at Dehradun. I took the offer for the quiet, relaxed, and airy feel Dehradun added to the experience. So I paid the deposit, sorted out a visa, booked the flights, and off I went for 3 weeks. On arrival, I was met by a rep from Koenig, who was very friendly and polite, who drove me 20 miles to the capital.

I am also pleased to say that everything has worked out as I expected. From my initial email contact to my final exams I have had an enjoyable experience. The Koenig staff work well as a team providing a professional service. The entire Koenig team demonstrated a sincere interest and ensured you met all your objectives. The teaching standard is very good and the instructors are more than happy to put in the extra work you may need to understand your chosen subject and pass the exams.

The total fee you pay to Koenig covers breakfast, lunch, evening meals, and taxis to and from your hotel and training center. I have been surprised by how little money I have spent and therefore I recommend adding extra days to your trip if possible. These days will be very helpful if you need to retake exams, recover from unforeseen illnesses, or want to visit some of the many attractions India has to offer.

With that said, don't expect your time in India to be another holiday experience. You’re going to need all time you can get to train and study for the exams. Focus on the IT training, study hard, and give yourself some time off for later and you’ll have a positive memorable experience to share with family and friends.

I would like to thank Koenig Dehradun staff and my instructors for the great support and memorable experience given me. I will miss you all.