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Hi my name is Julie. I was asked to write a few words for all you ladies, who are considering taking a course with Koenig...

Julie Swart (United Kingdom), MCSD (VB .NET/Visual C#) 22 Apr to 15 Jun 2005

Hi my name is Julie. I was asked to write a few words for all you ladies, who are considering taking a course with Koenig. As you may have noticed all the featured students are men!

This is probably because for most of the time you will be the only woman attending a course.

A little bit of background information
I have been a mainframe programmer for 20 years and wanted to re-train to something a bit more ‘up-to-date'. I am married with 2 children and live in London. I chose Koenig for my training due to the excellent value for money the courses offer and reports of the high standard of training you receive. I am doing my MCSD.NET in C# & VB.NET. I decided to take the course in Shimla as Delhi & Goa would be much to hot at this time of year.

Here is the story of my Indian adventure so far
I flew to Delhi on Air India from Heathrow. Landing at Delhi Airport at around 11 p.m. The heat at that time of night was incredible, coming from the damp early spring of London. You expect the airport to be quiet at that time of night but it was very busy. Delhi is really the city that never sleeps. As I came into the arrivals hall I felt very nervous. What if it's a big hoax and there isn't anyone to meet me? I waded through all the welcome boards and at last saw my name. What a relief, so far so good. The taxi driver whisked me off to the waiting taxi for the ride of my life through the streets of Delhi. The traffic and driving rival any thrills to be had at Thorp Park or Disneyland !

I arrived at the Hotel Patel to wait for my train to Shimla, which was the following night. The staff took good care of me and the room had a T.V., bed and bathroom. This was adequate for an overnight stay.

I took the overnight train from Delhi to Shimla. I shared a sleeper coach with several families. I didn't get much sleep as the beds are not very comfortable. The train arrived in Kalka early the following morning. You then transfer to the toy train. This is a beautiful journey through the mountains. I was met at the station and taken to the Silverene Hotel.

Shimla is a lovely town, perched on the top of the mountains. It is very different from the bustle of Delhi. My hotel room is spacious and the hotel staff are very friendly and helpful. The shops are filled with everything you can imagine. The clothes, shoes, handbags etc. are incredibly cheap. Don't bring too much with you, as you need plenty of space to take your purchases home.

There are all sorts of restaurants and several bars. Most of these are situated in the area surrounding The Mall. All the hotels are in the same area. It is very safe to venture out alone, even after dark. The local population find the Koenig students a bit of a curiosity and we get stared at quite a lot. We are treated very well wherever we go. Shimla does not have very many foreign tourists, they are mostly from other parts of India. Shimla is very busy during the later part of May and June.

The Koenig Training Centre is situated in Sanjuli. This is about a 40 minute walk or a short taxi ride from the hotels. I walk each day which has led to a decent weight loss and an increased fitness level. The training centre Staff, are extremely helpful. They will help you with any request you may have. The training I have received has been excellent. The tutors know the subjects very well. Sometimes the language can be a bit of a challenge. After a few days we all get used to each other and it becomes much easier.

In Conclusion
Shimla was definitely the right choice for me. I don't think I would have felt as comfortable going out alone in Delhi. Koenig training is very good. I started with very little knowledge of Microsoft products. So far I have passed my exams with flying colours. You must be prepared to work very hard. Unfortunately this doesn't leave much time for sightseeing.