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My name is Jonathan Kamanga, from Lusaka, Zambia...

Jonathan Kamanga (Zambia), MCITP SQL Server 2008: Database Developer and Database Administrator 04 Jul to 01 Aug 2011

My name is Jonathan Kamanga, from Lusaka, Zambia. I have started noticing something special about Koenig Solutions the moment I was picked up at the airport.

During my stay at Koenig Solutions Delhi, I particularly noticed the following:

  • Koenig is a well organized institution. Programs are well coordinated and run as scheduled.
  • Koenig has a large reservoir of instructors who are knowledgeable, friendly and professional in their conduct.
  • Effective methods of instruction-small classes ensure that each student is given individual attention by the instructor. The 1-on-1 training option and the fact that a student can come up with any combination of courses apart from the scheduled ones make Koenig Solutions offer highly customized training to meet one’s aspirations.
  • Courteous staff, always ready and willing to assist, attends to your problems promptly to ensure that your stay at Koenig is comfortable.
  • Koenig may not be aware about this but they are an international community with students quietly networking in the background. Koenig offers a platform where one can meet and make friends from all over the word. As a community, the composition of Koenig is highly fluid with a large influx of both local and international students. This, in my opinion, is indicative of the fact that Koenig has a world class training institution.

  • I just want to say thank you to Koenig, my instructor and all the wonderful staff that were always at hand to assist. No doubt, the MCITP SQL Server 2008: Database Developer and Database Certification will open new doors in my life. I have a feeling that one day I will come back. See, Koenig is addictive. I came to this conclusion after chatting with a number of students who openly confessed that they had been to Koenig more than once. Now I understand why