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Let me introduce myself: My name is Johnny and I currently live in the UK...

Johnny (United kingdom), MCSE 2000;Upgrade from MCSE 2000 to MCSE 2003 03 Jul to 20 Aug 2004

Let me introduce myself: My name is Johnny and I currently live in the UK. For the past 6 years I have been working for an international finance company based in Europe. The position that I held was an IT Technical Support Specialist. The job was very varied and daily tasks entailed such roles as, supporting and maintaining a data center, desktop support for 600 users across Europe (15 offices), and managing a Remedy Helpdesk. These tasks were carried out remotely and onsite.

About 3 month ago I was given notice of redundancy. As until then I had never really thought about being back on the job market. I started to look around for new jobs but it soon became very apparent that if I were going to get a similar kind of job or even be considered for an interview I would have to become certified.

The Decision

I realized right from the start that I didn't have the self-discipline to self-study and I also felt that I would learn more from qualified experts. After looking at all the highly inflated prices in the UK I decided to look further a field. Eventually I stumbled across the Koenig web site. The packages looked like just what I was looking for. You could study at a reasonable pace on a “one on one” student teacher basis. The prices were amazing. Then the alarm bells started to ring. I started to ask myself why are these guys offering these fantastic courses at reduced prices. I started to wonder if there were any compromises in the quality of training for the price. I decided to investigate and find out more about Koenig. I posted message on forums and message boards. I contacted Microsoft and Prometric. All the responses that I received back were positive.

With a combination of the positive recommendations, the flexibility of the courses and the great prices I decided to take the plunge. I booked myself onto a “Microsoft MCSE 2000 Regular” track course with an upgrade to “2003”.

The Koenig Experience

As promised I was greeted at Delhi airport by a very friendly smiling chap. He introduced himself, shook my hand and welcomed me to India. He then handed me an envelope and carried my case to his car. After about 30 minutes we arrived at the hotel. The hotel that was allotted to me for my 7-week stay was the “Rangoli”. First impressions were great. It was clean, tidy and everything seemed to work. So, so far so good. Everything that Koenig had promised they had delivered. We were off to a good start.

The following morning after a 5-minute taxi ride I eventually arrived at Koenig. I have to admit that my first impressions weren't great. The building looked run down and not what I had expected. Maybe my expectations had been too high. Maybe I was expecting a fancy office block with all the “bows and whistles”. Anyway there was no turning back. I was here now, I was here to learn.

Inside the building things looked pretty much the same until I got to the 3 rd floor, Koenig's floor. As I entered I was greeted by “good mornings” and there appeared to be smiling faces coming from every corner. Right for the very start the staff impressed me. Not only by their smiling faces and there friendly manner but also with their eagerness to please.

The training as expected is intense but all the teachers are very knowledgeable in their chosen subjects. If you don't understand something they will explain it again and again and again (they are very patient in my case). The resources are more than adequate. I can truly hold my hand up and say that I have learnt so much since I have been here.

The food the Koenig provide is excellent too. There is an abundance of choice. You can have pizza, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Burgers and much much more.

The “Concierge” is a great idea and works really well. The idea behind this is that whilst you study you don't need to worry about anything. If you have any problems, need advice or requests for anything then they will take care of this. It really does take the strain off of you when you are studying.

The other students are all extremely friendly. We obviously have one thing is common – We're here to learn which is a great icebreaker.

India and Delhi

As expected Delhi is completely different from any city that I have ever visited before. The locals are very friendly and courteous (except when they are driving). It also seems a very safe place and as yet I have never felt in danger.

Being driven around Delhi is an experience in itself. There only seems to be 3 rules to the road. 1. You have right of way, 2. You must beep you horn as many times as possible whilst driving to your destination and 3. You can drive on the right or you can drive on the left (whatever suits your mood).

The food is extremely good too (even if you aren't a vegetarian). The only advise that I can recommend is that just be a little bit careful and choose wisely where you eat.

The Overall Experience

My overall impression of Koenig Solutions is that they are an excellent “one stop shop” for Microsoft certifications. I would gladly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of studying for their MCSE.