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KOENIG TRAINING My name is John Arbogast Massawe from Tanzania East Africa...

John Arbogast Massawe (Tanzania), MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer 3.5 13 Jul to 10 Aug 2009

KOENIG TRAINING My name is John Arbogast Massawe from Tanzania East Africa. I’m working with a pension fund known as Local Authorities Pensions Fund (LAPF) as Systems and Database Administrator.

Trip to India:

I started my journey from Tanzania to India on 12th July, 2009 to attend Microsoft Certified Professional Developer .NET 3.5 and crystal reports development in order to build internal capacity to our organization. While on transit to India I didn’t get any problem. I traveled with Ethiopian air line from Dar es salaam to Addis Ababa Ethiopia and then I connected with the same air line company from Ethiopia to New Delhi India. I arrived at India on Sunday morning 13th July, 2009.


I started training on Monday 14th July as requested. My core course was Microsoft Developer .NET 3.5.The training was conducted every day from Monday to Saturday. The course was conducted by two instructors. I can say in general all instructors were capable to instruct everything as per course requested. Due to the good instructor capabilities I managed to pass all six exams requested for this core course in order to qualify as Microsoft Professional Developer Specialist.

Also I have attended crystal reports development course in order to develop different reports. Currently I can design any kind of report requested with a minimum time interval. 

Life at India:     

Since my first day at India I get a good welcome from the air port by Koenig Staff to my apartment without any problem. During my training the transport was not a problem because every day morning a drive came to pick me with my fellow student to Koenig and then after class hours they provided transport again back to our apartments.

I enjoyed a good Indian food with a reasonable price and good services.Alhough at the beginning got a problem of spice but as the time goes on I didn’t get the problem again. Also at my apartment I got a good breakfast, dinner and good accommodation.

Frankly speaking I didn’t expect good services as I got also I had Exchange IT experience with different students from other nations including life in general.


I would like to thanks the Koenig Solution management for their good services in Training, meals, transport, accommodation and good customer care. I can assure you I shall continue to preach the quality training provided by Koenig institute wherever I go and I can say from my Heart if you want to upgrade your IT Professional and to acquire a good Microsoft Certifications come to Koenig Solution India.