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Well I passed my CCNA Security exams and the main person behind this was my trainer...

Joaquim Tchipa Francisco (Angola), CCNA Security (IINS V3);Cisco Firewall Security Specialist 01 Aug to 23 Aug 2011

Well I passed my CCNA Security exams and the main person behind this was my trainer.
Well I’m really delighted and impressed with the way all things happened during my CCNA Security and Cisco Firewall Security Specialist Boot Camp program.

Right from the moment you arrive at the Airport till you get accommodated, the staff is so professional that they will do anything in their power to make your study as comfortable and successful as possible.
My trainer is the best person....this guy really did a tremendous job. Being honest, he was very good and had a good knowledge & background of the subject and what was required for passing the exams. All the areas that were previously confusing to me were explained clearly in detail. After reading a chapter in a book  several times and still not being able to understand it, I was greatly relieved when this was all cleared up within just 30 minutes of explanation from him and I felt more confident in sitting some security policy within my network.
I must admit that I wasn’t an easy person to teach, because my background in Cisco Industry is just as a beginner, so I ain´t got really much experience, and sometimes my trainer had go deep and deeper in details with explanation. He was so patient that he taught me till the point he realized I had completely understood. And for that, I thank him so much from the bottom of my heart. Today I’m a CCNA Security Professional. Thanks to Koenig Solutions-Goa...Thanks to my trainer.

Finally, it wouldn’t be fair if I do not mention two names here in this experience statement. First was my CCNA trainer when I came to India last year for the first time, she did such a tremendous job and she was really very patient. Second was my trainer for CCNA Security. They are the one who introduced me to the Security world. And here both of them deserve by merit a high level of recognition from me. So on my CCNA Security certificate has a highlighted recognition for both of you. Thank you so much.

I really recommend Koenig to everyone for improving their skills in IT, live a human experience, and challenge yourself, far from home for almost 1 month, alone in a place really different from Angola, with only one goal: To succeed to take the certificates and back home with the feeling that you did a good job by overtake your possibility. You will definitely learn a lot about yourself!
Once again I thank you Koenig Solutions and also thanks to my CCNA trainer even in high note.....Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to expose myself and for discovering in me, what I wouldn’t just by myself.

Joaquim Tchipa