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I was a student at a University back home in the United States scheduled to graduate at the end of the summer...

Jeremy Bruce Schreiner (Usa), CCNP (New Curriculum) 25 Jul to 05 Aug 2011

I was a student at a University back home in the United States scheduled to graduate at the end of the summer. I wanted to improve my marketability as a potential employee as well as meet some of my own personal goals by achieving a professional level certification. My school at home didn’t offer any such certification so I had to look elsewhere. After researching on the internet and comparing many options, I decided to give Koenig a chance.

I did my research on many schools and training centers in the United States as well as abroad but I kept coming back to Koenig Solutions. There were many reviews on the internet, some positive, some not so positive. I was a little worried at first, but after arriving in India I quickly settled in.

I decided to choose the Koenig Student Apartment living option which was great. I had very nice apartment mates as well as an awesome caretaker. The facilities were very nice and well cared for.

I was a bit ambitious and decided to do the superfast track CCNP course. Having taken this course I have given the opportunity to think again and would go for a slower track course. This largely because the amount of studying for the superfast track makes it difficult to take in some of the fun events that would otherwise won’t be possible. For instance, I wanted to go on for some of the excursions, but was largely tied to my apartment due to the heavy studying load.

The instructors at Koenig know their subject matter well, at least mine did. He was a very good teacher and helped in every way he could.  If I didn’t understand something he was happy to go over it again. I was amazed at the amount of material we could cover and how dedicated they were to making sure you understood what was being taught.

If you are thinking about giving Koenig a chance and coming for a certification training, do it. You’ll find a good experience is waiting for you.

Jeremy Schreineri