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Traveling close to 10 hours by plane to attend an IT course was something my colleagues found a little bizarre. ..

Jeffery Selby (Switzerland), MCSD (VB .NET/Visual C#) 07 May to 29 May 2005

Traveling close to 10 hours by plane to attend an IT course was something my colleagues found a little bizarre. All inquired whether I could attend such a course in Zurich where I live. Of course I could have, but given Koenig's exceptional offer, and prompt and professional responses to all my queries, I was behoved to take up the “bizarre” option.

My experience at Koenig was one that went well beyond my expectations. The tutoring and support from the staff made my stay very memorable and successful. I really appreciate all the assistance offered to allow me to focus on my studies. The lunch service was faultless and tasty. The cab service was very convenient and the hair-raising nature of darting through Delhi traffic was a good way to ensure I was awake and alert before starting each course day.

Getting through the course required hard work and discipline. The course was very demanding and brain pain was prevalent given the many consecutive days of course attendance and learning. At times it was frustrating being stuck behind a computer screen and IT books every day, but at least the intensive nature of the course allows one to reach the certification in short time.

The service provided by Koenig was fantastic. At all times I was very well looked after by the team. Many thanks to Shelly, Arpita, Manish and Sandeep for making the stay so comfortable and allowing me to pursue my studies without distraction.

My tutor made non-stop learning a fun and enlightening experience. I really appreciated: her clear explanations; command of the technology; her patience regarding my questions and looks of puzzlement; and also for her insights into Indian culture, marriage and good places to go shopping.

During my time in Delhi, I could not do the city let alone the country any justice. I did manage to visit the Taj Mahal, and some temples and sites around Delhi, but there is so much more I want to see and experience. The course at Koenig was an extremely valuable experience and one that will help me greatly in my profession. The next trip to India, though, I'll be sure not to pick up an IT textbook.