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My name is Jean-Raoul Agathe and I am working for a private bank in Switzerland...

Jean-Raoul Agathe (Switzerland), VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V4.1] 27 Sep to 06 Oct 2010

My name is Jean-Raoul Agathe and I am working for a private bank in Switzerland. I want to share my experience with you because I really believe that Koenig Solutions is a good place to be if you want to focus on studying and pass IT certification.

I am in networking environment but I am sometimes also involving in system where virtualization is taking an important place with VMware product.

Why Koenig Solutions? I would put two words “Quality” and “Price”. Quality because our teacher knew his subject and he did it with pedagogy. The lesson was very intense. I didn’t have time to do else thing else than studying (no beach) but this is why I came. Price because it is twice less and even more depending which certification you are going to take.

I was first sceptical and cautious but I get confident when I got my first contact by email with Koenig. I was directly in contact to the manager and she clears everything and even phones me when needed. These professional attitudes give me the confident to move forward to Koenig and so to India.

During the days I was in the Koenig Student Apartment where all necessary was there. The only inconvenient would be the food where European people can have difficulty to adapt. In my case it was breakfast.

Now, I come back to home with my VCP-410 certification and again I want to thanks all Koenig Solutions staff that had been professional and nice. I will surely come back as we always need to be up to date in our staff.