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I decided to do my MCSE and picked Koenig simply because they were the cheapest around...

Jason West (United Kingdom), MCSE 2000 20 Feb to 30 Mar 2006

I decided to do my MCSE and picked Koenig simply because they were the cheapest around. So I sent them a few emails with different questions and got prompt and precise emails back from Sandeep who was very helpful.

So I decided to take the plunge and apply, I had to take a small test online to find out what skill level I was and they recommended either regular track or fast track with one on one tution. I chose the regular track because I wanted to gain a wider range of knowledge than just rushing through exams. I left England on the 20th of February and arrived at Delhi airport at around 2.00 am the next day and I don't mind telling you I was really nervous but there was a driver waiting there who recognized me from the photo I sent, grabbed my luggage and took me to the car. The drive from the airport to the hotel which was about 20 minutes away was frightening, it was thick fog and everybody on the road all drive crazy. Needless to say we got to the hotel in one piece.

I was due to go up to Shimla where I was doing my course the following day, but the driver didn't turn up till late and I missed my train so Koenig arranged for me to go up the next day.Koenig did offer me a driver to take me around Delhi sightseeing seen I missed the train but I was too tired. The next day I caught the train to Shimla the views from the toy train was spectacular but the train was packed and very cramped. Just a word of advice arrange to pay the extra before you go and upgrade yourself to first class because it is pennies and well worth the extra. I stayed at the Hotel Silverine I found the staff and the hotel very nice, also what they don't advertise on the site is that they have a pool table, snooker table and a small gym. The Koenig center in Shimla is run by Deepa and her team of staff who are all very friendly and very helpful and nothing is too much trouble, if you have any problem or want to arrange further travel they will sort it for you. Koenig really looks after you from day one. I have had two trainers throughout my course, both were excellent they speak perfect English. I will keep in contact with both of them because they became friend's not just trainers. Shimla Is beautiful and the locals are really friendly but if you're looking for somewhere with a wild nightlife forget it. But they do have some nice shops, restaurants and bars. But seriously if you think you are going to come on the course to have one big holiday you will be disappointed, it is really hard work even on regular track but it is worth it when you pass all your exams, which you will as long as you put the work in. If you want to have a holiday I suggest you add on the time at the end of the course. I found Shimla Ideal for me as it is quiet, clean and ideal for studying, also I feel safe wandering the streets late at night after I have had a few drinks in the local bars. I didn't like Delhi which I found really noisy all day and all night, also I think if I went to Goa I would have spent too much time on the beach instead of studying. But now that I have passed all my exams I am spending my final few days just relaxing in Shimla.