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My name is Jason Graham and live in the Bahamas...

Jason Graham (Bahamas), Career Enabler Web Designing;Career Enabler - Web Design and Development using MySQL and PHP 12 Jul to 09 Sep 2010

My name is Jason Graham and live in the Bahamas. Late in 2009 I started looking for an IT training center that would be able to prepare me take my IT career to another level on my Job as the Technical Manager and in my small business. As I searched and considered many options that were available while considering my budget, a variety of IT courses that would give me an edge and it had to be conducted one on one training or with small classes as well no more than four months. I found Koenig Solutions and from the start they were responsive, clear and very supportive. This was the first time I was considering India for anything but their administration made it easy.
I arrived in Delhi in transit to Dehradun and was met at the airport by their drivers and he provided me with my welcome package that contained some local currency, my train ticket to Dehradun and some general information about India. Delhi in the summer for first impressions can be stunning but going past the initial day it got better. The train ride was very comfortable and a good experience as I got my first real impressions of India.
On arrival to Dehradun I was then certain that I had made the right decision to do my IT courses here. The weather was very pleasant, the Koenig Student Apartment accommodation was very comfortable, safe, and the staff was given to hospitality. The atmosphere was very peaceful where I can study and if I needed any thing it was just a 10 minute ride to the city center. I enjoyed every moment of the facilities, staff, and arrangement and would rate the total package five stars. They made every day of the three months memorable.
Finally, I owe a debt of gratitude to my trainers who were at times more committed and confident in my ability to accomplish than I had at times. They were prepared, on time, personable and knowledgeable. They held nothing back and offered advice for future ambitions. I think I had some of the best trainers that anyone could ask for. All of my trainers continued to participate and enquire after my success up to the last week of my time. Thank you all so much for going beyond the class room. I have already determined that I will return in the very near future.