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This has been an amazing experience for me, I love India and I'd definitely come back...

James Horsfall (United States), RHCE;CCNP Routing & Switching V2 26 Apr to 25 May 2010

Koenig was a great experience, during my Red Hat training I spent time in Delhi and Dehradun and it was a huge social experience. You meet a ton of people who are either doing the same course that you are or have the same type of IT goals. I easily spent an hour at each dinner just talking to the different mix of people that are here!

Koenig Solutions does their best to make sure that the only thing you really have to worry about is passing the exam. The instructor I had for Red Hat training was very knowledgeable not just in Red Hat but in Cisco as well, and Suse Linux I always ask "why" and I was never left disappointed. This made me feel confident in my instruction that I was getting the knowledge from a reliable source and not just someone that's repeating what they read in the book! They have an incentive to get you to pass as well so they can show their numbers are high!

My suggestion for anyone taking a course is to do your best to read the books ahead of time that way you'll pick up the information much faster. I have a lot of Linux experience but I was a little worried that I wouldn't pass the test for Red Hat on my own, and I was right! They give you all the tools to succeed its up to you to utilize them to their fullest potential.

I only have a month to complete my training in CCNA, CCNP and Red Hat Linux, (AND GET THE CERT). So most of my courses were super fast, as soon as you take one exam you can continue on the next subject the very next day. And if you don’t get the concepts you extend the time you stay at the center for training, or come in on Sundays to completely utilize all your time to get the subject cemented in your mind.

In Dehradun you have the option to rent a motorcycle! I took advantage of this and followed the taxi to and from the center a few days and then when exploring on the town. It’s scary at first but an experienced rider will get used to it quickly. People honk in traffic to let others know they are there.

Training in Dehradun was much quieter compared to Delhi. But the Koenig Inn at Delhi has a bar less than 100 Yards away (just avoid the prawns!!). The 4 star hotel in Dehradun is completely worth it, I was in the Country House for a week or so and upgraded to this. Both are nice and quiet in the rooms, but I felt like I was in a hotel in the USA in the 4 star. Food accommodations are vastly improved in the hotel as well!

This has been an amazing experience for me, I love India and I'd definitely come back. Do some research on India, before you arrive so you can get a realistic idea of what you’re getting into. Don't go out alone, although I did a few times but not far from the hotel.

My only major suggestions are:

Always ask for a first class train ticket! (It’s only 10 dollars more)

Listen to the instructor when he suggests you study XYZ. You have complete control over the speed at which you do the course but they do this for a living and know how to get you to pass!