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Hello everybody and I am very pleased to feature in this section...

Idris Jamil (Seychelles), Network+ 20 Jul to 24 Jul 2010

Hello everybody and I am very pleased to feature in this section. My name is Idris Jamil Afif and I am from the sunny islands of the Seychelles, located right below the Equator near the East side of Africa in the Indian Ocean. I have been working in IT, for the past 5 years working in many of its fields such as networking, installations, maintenance, troubleshooting and website management, just to name a few. I currently work at the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) as an Acting Database Officer.

This year in May I passed my CompTIA A+ exams in the Seychelles itself, but felt the need to go further and attempt another leap into the IT certification world: CompTIA Network+. The question was how and where I would earn a proper Network+ course and industry based Network+ certification. That is when I stumbled across the Koenig Solutions website via the powerful tool on the web: Google. Upon reading through Koenig’s various courses and locations, I was indeed interested and decided to apply straight away. I was recommended by my one of my friends, who also came to Koenig for his MCITP course, Mr. Jean Claude Thelermont, that Koenig was indeed a good choice. I applied for Network+ training and within a week I was accepted on a week boot camp training for Network+, starting in the third week of July. There and then I obtained all the necessary formalities, such as VISA, air ticket and the stipends and packed my bag (and suitcase) for the trip.

I arrived in Goa on a wet, early Monday morning at half past five, and was met by a representative at the Airport and he drove me back to the Landscape Apartment, which would be my home for the next 6 days. He also gave me some documents regarding the training area and Goa, which proved really useful information indeed such as for contact purposes. I slept for almost 3 hours before getting up for the first breakfast which was being provided in another apartment block nearby. There I met the caretaker and his helper who was very delighted to welcome me into his apartment room. I also met two other students: one from Denmark and the other from Poland, but they were not doing the Network+ but instead doing some other courses.

After breakfast, the caretaker me a ride on his scooter for a short trip down to the Koenig Solutions training area, which wasn’t that far off, compared to what I was expecting. There, I met the Center Manager, Mrs. Maria Fernandez and was given an overview of what was to be expected for the next few days.

The following day I started fresh into my one-on-one training with my Network+ course trainer, who really seemed attractive and well polished, He taught me very patiently and answered every question of mine. This determines that Koenig has Experienced trainers maintained. I learnt the theory of the Network+ course and also the practical side of it through various virtual practical exercises being given throughout the day. During the evenings I stayed in most of the time, mostly due to the wet weather and being afraid to venture out on my own. But this did not get me depressed in any way as I was always busy preparing for the Network+ exam and doing some practical tests on my laptop.

Today is 24th July 2010, and I have just done my Network+ exam this morning and have successfully passed with flying colors. I will be leaving Goa this evening but will not leave without thanking Koenig Solutions (staff) for all that they have done for me throughout my stay here. It’s been a great experience!

However, my advice to all of you students who wish to come here is to be aware of your surroundings and be prepared (course-wise) before coming in, and the rest you can leave in the trusted hands of the management and the Instructor.