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My name is Ibrahim Osman, I came from Sudan, I work for Port Sudan Refinery and my company sent me to do these courses...

Ibrahim Osman (Sudan), MCSE 2003;MCSA 2003;MCDBA 2000 (SQL Server 2000);Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 18 Sep to 23 Nov 2006

My name is Ibrahim Osman, I came from Sudan, I work for Port Sudan Refinery and my company sent me to do these courses.

I stayed here for about 68 days to do my MCSE 2003, MCSA, MCDBA, CCNA courses.

Let me first begin by telling how all this started.

For the past two years, I was trying to finish the MCSE course just by self studying, but it didn't work as it was not easy to have enough time to read all Microsoft books during work hours and after going back home again time was for the family, so I gave up and started to look for training courses.

At first it was not easy to find suitable course. Most of the choices available for me were either have very long durations (some were 6 month) or very short time with high price. The long duration was a big problem as all of the trainings were held in a different city from where I leave and that means to leave my job for at least five months and for sure that wasn't possible. The Other available choice was short duration, but high price and the price doesn't include the accommodation. I was about to take one of these courses, but ... here comes the big story.

One day I was surfing the net to find the alternatives available to compare the prices,and luckily I clicked the koenig web site link. There I found most of the training courses one can think of and all in one place. When I checked the durations and costs and discovered that the cost includes the accommodations and the meals plus transportation to and from the training center, it was like a dream. All I have to do is just pay that amount and never worry about other things (except my study of course) and all the things went very smoothly.

When I arrived at the airport, I found the responsible personnel waiting for me and it was not hard to find him, so he picked me to the hotel. The next morning there was a cab to pick me with some other students to the training center and again picked up back to the hotel and that continued through the whole training duration.

I had a very good instructor for my MCSE and he was very helpful, sometimes during the breaks we were discussing solutions for problems I had back home at work. He is really one of the best trainers I ever met. He was there to answer any question which comes to my mind.

I had training courses before but this one was different. In the other courses the instructor job was just to explain things for you in the class and that's it, he will never care to see how you are progressing with your study and how are you preparing for exams. But here at Koenig, all the instructor I had, were really caring to know how I am going with my studying and do their best to make me pass my exams.

They really care about their students and take full responsibility to make you do your course the right way and pass exams.

If I started mentioning names, it will be a very long list, but in short everyone one here at Koenig was doing his best to afford the help needed by the students and everybody was doing his job just fine. Even when I needed help to visit places in India, they provided me with good information of what to do and where to go and arranged my visits.

When I started to see other places in Delhi, I realized that the area where most of the budget hotels that Koenig uses is much better than the other places. It is a safe and quiet place to stay. I really enjoyed studying in my hotel room.

At Koenig also you will have the chance to meet people from different place of the world and I really enjoyed that. It was really good to meet nice people and everybody here is very helpful and friendly.

Now after I finished my whole courses and passed all my exams I realized that Koenig have the best combination of Good Training, Reasonable Duration and Best Price.