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Dear readers,

I am proud to let you know that I have had wonderful experience since my arrival here in Dehradun...

Hy Chhaily (Cambodia), MCTS: Windows 7, Configuring 03 Oct to 06 Oct 2011

Dear readers,

I am proud to let you know that I have had wonderful experience since my arrival here in Dehradun. Koenig has done a remarkably fantastic job from airport pickup and drop, accommodation, transportation to and from the training center and the food. More importantly, staff are so warm, helpful, respectful and professional, and facilities so well-organized and peaceful. At the Country House where I stayed, the surroundings are so relaxing, peaceful and free of distractions and pollution, and the staffs are so nice, like Sanjay Kumar and his colleagues, for example. They care about my well being, and that of other students. They would prepare the food of my choice. They would even come to my room to tell me the food is ready to make sure I could eat it when it’s still warm and I would not miss it…and many other things! It’s hard to find such wonderful customer care elsewhere. I have asked other students, and they’ve got the same impressions.

I have taken MCTS:  Windows 7, Configuring course. Thank God! My trainer was so knowledgeable and professional. Though a quiet type of person from my impression, he made the course content, he was focused, precise, practical and to the point with more practices than theories. That’s so helpful to me. I don’t have to read through every page in the course book or strain my ears to listen to him. Short, but focused and clear already! More importantly, he’s so open-minded/kind. During the time I spent with him, I not only learnt the things about Windows 7, but also got more insights about the IT world and next courses I should take to further enhance my knowledge and skills , and about a lot more things beneficial  for your work life.

In a nutshell, I must say that Koenig Solutions Dehradun is an ideal place for study and holiday as well! The overall costs including the course fees are quite reasonable, and the hospitality, securities and facilities are not an issue of concern at all.

I wish I could stay longer and would be able to come back soon!!!

May all the staff and everyone in Koenig and their family be blessed by God for all the good work they have done and will be doing!

Chhaily from Cambodia