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Working as a Network Engineer for many years, the opportunity arose within my company to do an extensive training...

Holm Noorman (Netherlands), Oracle Java - OCP-JP, WCD, BCD & JWS 19 Feb to 14 Mar 2011

OCP-JP and OCP-WCD training in Koenig Solutions, Goa from 19 Feb to 14 Mar, 2011

Working as a Network Engineer for many years, the opportunity arose within my company to do an extensive training. Since I had a long standing wish to pick up programming again, I googled to see what courses were available. Here I found Koenig Solutions and read some good references. I also understood that some engineers from my company also been to Koenig before.

After going through all the forms my request was granted and I could plan my trip. I found that the representative in my country was very helpful to plan the course and make sure I got my visa which can take up quite some time so start early. As I was completely new to the Java language and wanted to make the most of my stay I opted for a 1-on-1 training in OCP-JP and OCP-WCD.

A few weeks later, I was on my way to India. Early morning I arrived in Goa and after leaving the airport I was picked up by a driver from Koenig and was dropped off at my hotel. The hotel was fine but I upgraded to a much better hotel in a nice setting for not too much more money. I would recommend this to other students or opt for the Koenig Student Apartment since you will be there with other students.

Then my first lesson started and I was really impressed with the level of knowledge and dedication my teacher had. I have to say it was very hard for me and I had to work very hard.

Studying six days in a week with a dedicated teacher makes a big difference and I passed my first exam within two weeks. The second exam went a bit easier but still I had to work hard but I also passed my second exam with good results.

All this has been a very satisfying experience and I would recommend anyone who would like to do a study to consider going to Koenig Solutions.

Visited Second time in Koenig Solutions, Goa for OCP-BCD and OCP-JWS training from 2 Nov to 16 Nov, 2011

The end of 2011 was rapidly approaching which meant I had to finish the second part of my training at Koenig-Solutions. I spent a month at Koenig during the beginning of the year and had done a 1-on-1 training and passed my exams for OCP-JP and OCP-WCD. I had enjoyed the training very much but had to work really hard to pass them, so I thought I would come well prepared next time.

After I passed those first exams I have got the opportunity to work as a junior developer inside my company which helped a lot to master the material I have been trained for. I was also doing little preparation for the next two Oracle courses. In October, I got my visa for India (please note this can take some time, so do not be late) and booked my tickets once more to leave for Goa.

I was tempted to go for another location, but at this time of the year the weather was really nice in Goa and other locations can be colder, so once more in November I headed for Goa.

Arriving in Goa went smooth; the same driver was there who picked me up last time. He drove me to the Koenig Student Apartment since the hotel I booked was not available for a few days.

Those apartments are close to school and you can walk over in the morning. They are good place if it is just about study, but I still prefer the Hotel Prainha where you have a quite place with a private pool & beach.

So on my first day, I met my teacher and again it was a pleasant experience. The level of knowledge was excellent and we started right away in high gear. It still takes some time when you have to get into the pace. I have noticed a lot of student have this on the first few days. After that you get more relaxed, though you have to put your hours in.

On the second week I had my first exam for OCP-BCD and managed to pass the exam and that was a great feeling. Next day I was full-on again for the next exam, and I needed all the time I could get. Working away on my daily goals and have elaborate discussions about the material with the teacher, I was ready for my exam on my last day at the centre and have passed OCP-JWS exam despite me falling ill with a food poisoning. That was a shame since I had hoped to spend two days exploring the paradise called Goa. The people at Koenig made sure that I go to a hospital and got my medication but I lost the opportunity to do some sightseeing.

Again and despite my illness I really enjoyed this second time at Koenig Solutions and I can certainly think again for taking a course at Koenig