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The Koenig ExperienceWow!!! First of all, Koenig I thank you very much for helping me achieving my future...

Helder Julio (United Kingdom), A+ , Network+ & SBS Certification;CCNA V2 and CCNP V2;Security+;Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and ECSA/LPT 15 Feb to 14 Aug 2010

The Koenig ExperienceWow!!! First of all, Koenig I thank you very much for helping me achieving my future

I am Helder Julio from India, hahahahaha, no, no, I am from Angola.

In Koenig, I did A+, N+, SBS 2008, MCITP Server 2008, CCNA, Security +, CEH and CCNP new curriculum.

I left Angola in 1998 to Zimbabwe then England. In 2001 my friend Paulo Mandela advised me to study MCSE but unfortunately I wasn’t sure, then in 2004 another friend of mine from Brazil, Fernando Cerino came to me and said “Helder why don’t you get Cisco training? And I said what is it about? He says, it is all about network, then he started to explain me about the switches and so on... without blinking my eye it interested me therefore my interest for IT started.

So I applied, to start a training package course which included A+, N+, MCSE and Cisco training for CCNA, and I had to pay everything in advance before the course starts.

I had classes on my first day and that was all, because on the following day I was told that the training centre was closed because they went on liquidation thus I lost my money, anyway it took me a while before I could apply to another college again.

In 2006 I started to work for an airline as a stewardess. Around 2008 I thought to myself, when I will be on my 40s, will I keep on flying? No way! Definitely I didn’t want to work as stewardess forever. I really wanted to start my IT career but I just could not trust anyone any more although I was always googling it, and there was this website that was always popping called Koenig-solutions.com, but unfortunately the website was not clear enough for me to trust it, actually it seemed like a fishing page anyway, around the same year my mum called me and told me that my cousin Joao Hatewa was studying in India.

So I called him, and guess what? He was a student of Koenig Solutions.     

I started my enquires with Koenig in 2008 and first I came for 15 days to do A+, N+ and SBS 2008.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect. What I heard about India was always differing depending on the region, some negative and others positive.

As promised I was greeted at Delhi airport by a very friendly smiling Koenig employee. He introduced himself, shook my hand and welcomed me to India. He then handed me an envelope and carried my case to his car. Once I we left the airport I was a little shocked with Delhi but then I quickly got used to it.

When  I went to the training centre as I entered I was greeted by “good mornings” and there appeared to be smiling faces coming from every corner. Right for the very start the staff impressed me not only by their smiling faces and their friendly manner but also with their eagerness to please.

There I met different students from all over the world which were all extremely friendly. We obviously had one thing in common – We were here to learn, thus it was a great icebreaker.
I did my courses in Dehradun and New Delhi.

Overall I was and I still very impressed with both Koenig training centres.

The training as expected is intense and I had the best teachers I ever had since I left secondary school they were very knowledgeable in their chosen subjects. If you didn't understand something they would explain it again and again and again they were very patient i.e. in my case. The resources are more than adequate. I can truly hold my hand up and say that I have learnt so much since I have been here.

A very special thanks to my favourite teachers of MCITP, CCNA and CCNP.

Thank you very much guys, I will never forget you.