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Hi, my name is Hans Schoonen, and I am a free-lance Oracle Apps DBA from the Netherlands...

Hans Schoonen (Netherlands), Oracle10g DBA OCA & OCP 15 Dec to 20 Dec 2010

Hi, my name is Hans Schoonen, and I am a free-lance Oracle Apps DBA from the Netherlands. Although I already have many years of Oracle experience, I did not have an OCP 10g certificate yet. When you're a free-lancer the main priority is trying to be billable as much as possible, so that can result in not giving you enough time for preparing yourself for the required certifications. Therefore I contacted Koenig Solutions, and I have asked for a 1 on 1 customised training, which gave the possibility to highlight the things which I was not already familiar with, and to skip the area's where I was already experienced with.

My Oracle trainer’s presentation skills are very good, and he knows how to keep you interested during the whole training. For both the practical and theoretical part of the training he was very well prepared, and he was able to transmit his knowledge on a very pleasant way.

Also the people from Koenig Solutions are very nice, and from the minute I was picked up on the airport everything is arranged very well. Our friendly housekeeper also deserves compliments, because apart from being a very good cook, he also keeps the apartment very proper and takes good
care of your things.

I can recommend this kind of IT training to everyone who has plans for an IT related certification path.