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I loved being in Dehradun and stayed in the Koenig Student Apartment. Dehradun in June was very hot and very tropical...

Grantley Rickardo Lynch (United Kingdom), Bash Shell Scripting;;;JAVA SE 8 Fundamentals 06 Jun to 17 Jun 2011

I loved being in Dehradun and stayed in the Koenig Student Apartment. Dehradun in June was very hot and very tropical. Whilst the main town was busy, the apartments were quiet at night which was good for me as many late nights I stayed up studying. Although the accommodation was basic, it was no more basic than typical University accommodation in the west. This was ideal because this was not a holiday, I knew what I wanted to achieve and I wanted no distractions. The food, however, was excellent. Breakfasts were a choice of cereals, omelettes, fried eggs, yoghurts etc. The lunch offered a vast array of choice, sometimes ordering in from local restaurants, sometimes opting for the in-house prepared meals, all of which was great. The evening meals were usually based on curry and were also excellent.

I found the Koenig staff in Dehradun extremely helpful for whatever I requested. I became very ill at the start of my Advanced Shell Programming (Bash & Korn), Advanced PERL training, C [Basics], C++ [Basics], IPC  and Make [Linux Programming] training and spent the first 4 evenings in hospital, seeing doctors, getting X-rays etc. I will forever remain grateful for the assistance Koenig gave me at this time in terms of transportation, translation and generally showing great concern. My thanks especially go out to the driver (sorry, I do not remember his name) and of course to the Centre Manager who just kept helping and arranging and organizing whatever I needed, always with a smile and always with a ‘what more can I do to help you’ attitude and approach. Thanks again guys! Needless to say I made a full recovery and remained focused on my studies getting 96% on my final exam.

In summary, I would recommend Koenig to those who are serious about studying and like to work hard in an environment conducive to learning. It is also good for those that are already well versed with travel to the developing countries. This is India and there are some things that are different here compared to what we take for granted in the West, however for those that arrive with the attitude of ‘How can India change me’ rather than ‘how can I change India’ will prosper and see India for the awesome, beautiful and charming place that it is.

Be under no illusion, the work rate is seemingly never ending on the super-fast track courses and you can pretty much expect to be up all night or most nights, but as I said, this is a boot camp not a holiday camp. With lots of hard work and an open mind to the uniqueness and charms of India you too will achieve your own success. Happy studying...

Best regards,