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Hi my name is Graham Case and I live in Coventry in the West Midlands and work for Merchants IT managed services for Nationwide Building Society...

Graham Case (United Kingdom), MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Administrator Windows 7 05 Apr to 14 Apr 2010

Hi my name is Graham Case and I live in Coventry in the West Midlands and work for Merchants IT managed services for Nationwide Building Society.  I have been in the IT Industry for many years.  I wanted to get some certifications under my belt and doing self study at home or a long and winding course was not the best choice for me because of work commitments.

I then decided to try a boot camp so I began my search on the internet and found many boot camps in the UK and also Koenig.

After reviewing my options I decided that Koenig was the best option for me because it had the sense of adventure aspect to it.

I chose my course booked a flight with flightstoindia.com; I packed my suitcase and left for the airport within 3 months of booking.  I arrived in Mumbai airport then caught a connecting flight to Goa and I must say I was pleasantly greeted by Freddy at the airport with a big smile.

Whilst in Koenig I met a lot of interesting people from all sides of the world and for me this was a great experience and apart of the reason why I wanted to come here.  The chef Sanjay was a truly good cook and with pleasant humor this was great to see at the dinner table.

Koenig have everything in place here in Goa for a truly enjoyable stay which helps you concentrated on study as this is the reason why people come here.
On your day off there are also many things to do here in Goa, you can hire a taxi driver for the day I and a few friends went out to the jungle and also the spice farm which was amazing.

Our teacher was an amazing teacher who explained things perfectly, he was always there to answer any questions on the MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Administrator Windows 7 course to a very high technical ability.  His English was better than mine, I have no problems understanding him and his manner was fantastic.  We will come back next year without a question in my mind.

The courses here don’t just teach you what you need to know but it gives you the experience to do it for real in the field.

The Koenig training centre was also great we have a much cold drink as you want and the food is great.  All the rooms are air conditioned including the Koenig Apartments.

The locals here are also very friendly whist out and about they always have the time to come and chat with you.

The centre manager Maria was also fantastic she always made you feel very welcome here and she does everything possible to help you if you have any questions, she’s just great!I must say this has been one of the best things I have ever done and I know this may not suit everyone but if you decide to come to Koenig you will not be disappointed, we will be back next year without question.