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Hello my name is Ghalib Al Hosni. I work as Support Specialist in ITA (Information Technology Authority) in OMAN...

Ghalib Al-Hosni (Oman), MCPD SharePoint Developer 2010 19 Nov to 26 Nov 2012

Hello my name is Ghalib Al Hosni. I work as Support Specialist in ITA (Information Technology Authority) in OMAN.

We are in ITA work to develop the e-government in Oman and my teams (ISC) to produce a lot of services for public sector.

I joined to Koenig Goa Training Center to upgrade my skills in SharePoint 2010 Development. In India-Goa, my training started with my trainer as 1-on-1™ training. He is too knowledgeable in SharePoint 2010 development and has excellent ability to explain the course. I want to thank my trainer for his efforts with me. As well Goa city is good place to stay with a lot sea views.