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The trainers at Koenig were incredibly knowledgeable and again had good sense of humor which made my classes enjoyable. They made things that appeared difficult at the beginning to be more simple and enjoyable...

Gertrude Wanyonyi (Ireland), Java EE 6 Developer (OCE-WCD, JSF 2, OCE-EJB, OCE-JPA & OCE-JWS);Oracle 11g: PL/SQL Developer OCA 29 Apr to 18 Jun 2010

The Koenig Solutions’experience did not just begin upon my arrival in India. It started way before I even touched down at the Indira Gandhi International airport. I don't think I have ever had dealings with a company more organized like Koenig. The entire process of booking my course was smooth and effortles. At the Airport, I was met by a member of staff from Koenig, who had an identity card & had a toolkit and my name written on it. This gave a very warm welcome to Delhi as well as Koenig. He also gave me an envelope which contained all the necessary information useful to someone visiting India for the first time. He then took me to the Hotel where the institution had booked me to stay for the first week.

Being fairly new to the IT industry, my expectations of what I was meant to gain were fairly pessimistic at first. Having no previous knowledge and starting a four certifications course in Java programming (SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD & SCDJWS) had me a little skeptical. Fortunately, these thoughts were quashed from the moment I started.

I opted for fast track. But I was advised by my Trainer that, based on my knowledge level and assessment, I should go for regular track. Due to work commitment, I still preferred fast track but had to work so hard even including Sundays. I really thank my trainers for the commitment, dedication and good advice they gave me. My Trainer advised me to do an extra course in OCA since I had no background on Database which I managed without any difficulty. I also wanted to tour around India since it was my first time to come to India but I never had a chance since my course was so intensive. I plan to organize myself when I come back the second time and even travel around.

The trainers at Koenig were incredibly knowledgeable and again had good sense of humor which made my classes enjoyable. They made things that appeared difficult at the beginning to be more simple and enjoyable. They customized the pace of my courses to meet my needs since I was a beginner, and were always at hand to answer my questions, no matter how silly they were! They were very good at keeping me focused which, after 52 days of training, can be very hard. I’m surprised at the amount I have taken in within such a short period of time. I also did all the exams and passed all at first attempt.

My first trainer taught me SCJP and SCWCD. I would say he introduced me to java programming, subject I had never done in my life considering the Education Background I already had. He was calm and taught at my pace.

My second trainer taught me SCBC, SCDJWS, Spring and Hibernate. He was very funny and always gave examples while explaining many situations by using my previous Knowledge in Dyslexia. It sounded very funny and I always laughed.

My third trainer of OCA (SQL Developer) used very simple English to make me understand SQL. He was so funny sometimes when I complimented him for making me understand what he taught me.

I thank all the staff including drivers for making sure that we arrived at our training centre on time. The driver was always funny in the car. He always made laugh due to his jokes in the car. The accommodation officer Gaurav was very useful anytime I needed his assistance. He made sure that we were comfortable. The Receptionist, Ms Manisha was always smiling. I will not forget my care taker Mr Manoj for the big job he did while I was living in the Koenig Apartment. He was very kind to all of us and prepared nice meals every day. Every evening I went back home, I was always given fresh homemade juice. Though I was very busy with my course during this time, I would say I enjoyed being in Koenig and will recommend anyone who needs any training in IT to go to Koenig. Koenig will always be a place where I will always go to update my knowledge in IT