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My name is Gert Schonfeldt from Lelystad, Netherlands...

Gert Schonfeldt (Netherlands), MCSA: Security 2003 05 Nov to 20 Nov 2007

My name is Gert Schonfeldt from Lelystad, Netherlands.

I went to Shimla to become my MCSA 2003 certificate by doing a Fast Track Bootcamp.

The travel to Shimla was especially long, very long! But the last part into the mountains was beautiful. It was a pity I felt sick from sandwiches I bought in Delhi.

But I must say it was all very good arranged. We were picked up at the airport and brought to a hotel for the rest of the night. In the morning the same man drove us to the train station and waited there till we were on the train. In Shimla we were picked up also and brought to our hotel. The next day we had to start with our bootcamp, taxi was arranged.

India is totally different to what we are used for, so it's an amazing experience to study here. At first you have to be careful of what you eat, because the Indians like it spicy. But after a few days I enjoyed all the meals and tried everything. And there is the traffic, it seems like chaos but I didn't see any accident.

The people are all very kind and polite. And everywhere you see dogs and monkeys, searching for something to eat. They don't bother the people and after a while you will be used to them. The training itself was good. It went very fast but the explanation was good and I pass all the exams. We did four of them in 2 ½ weeks, so there was not much time for site seeing or other things. But doesn't matter, we came here for our certification.

I want to thank our teacher and all the people of Koenig in Shimla who made it possible for me to pass the exams.