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My Name is George Petrandis; I'm 48 years old with a long history in the IT Industry...

George Wesley Petrandis (United States), MCTS: .NET Framework 2.0 Web & Win Applications. 27 Nov to 13 Dec 2006

My Name is George Petrandis; I'm 48 years old with a long history in the IT Industry. Started out using COBOL / Mainframe / DB2 and most recently Microsoft ASP/HTML/Biztalk SQL Server. After being with a very good company for almost 11 years I decided to quit and take about 6 months off, even though I made it through many layoffs and had just gotten another raise.  I wanted to take some time for myself/family while at the same time refresh/update my skills. Being in IT, I've been very interested in India.  While searching through the Internet, I discovered Koenig.  I wanted to earn a MCTS certification in NET Framework 2.0 for Web Applications. Koenig was extremely helpful and patient with me. What a perfect combination Koenig was, I could see India and also re-skill myself.

For me Shimla was the best choice. Delhi was too noisy, and in Goa therewere too many temptations to not study. Shimla was just right. Koenig helped me narrow down my choice of classes and location.

The most difficult part of the trip was my own anxiety about traveling for a month to India. Once I arrived at the Delhi airport, a driver named Ajude was exactly where they told me he would be.  From Here, Koenig helped with all day to day activities.

In Delhi, I stayed at the Rangoli Park Hotel for 4 nights before going to Shimla. The hotel had internet access in the rooms. This was very helpful since I had friends and family to communicate with and let them know I arrived safely. The staff at Rangoli Park exceeded my expectations.
The next day, Koenig helped me obtain a cell phone, exchange dollars for rupees, and arrange tours (including Taj Mahal) before going to Shimla. Delhi can be a little overwhelming at first, and Koenig helped me with feeling comfortable and relaxed. I took the train to Shimla which I would recommend if you like trains. Personally, I enjoyed the toy train through the mountains. Felt like a kid on a toy train. It is a little long, but the scenery is worth it.

In Shimla, I stayed at the Willow Banks. My first two nights were at the Cumbermere which I did not like. Koenig was flexible and helpful with me changing to the Willow Banks. I walked to and from the hotel along a mountainous road to school every day but two. The scenery was so pretty, and the walks were fun.

I had a private tutor which was one of the selling points with me about Koenig. Being 48, I needed the extra attention. Sukhdev, my tutor was incredibly smart, attentive, and I could ask all the questions I wanted. I fondly referred to him as my .Net Guru. He knew so much and was very patient with my sometimes slow process of learning. The staff at Koenig was helpful with my daily needs and helped me on two treks through the mountains.

The trip to India along with my education from Koenig was a large part of my next steps with my career and life. I not only learned a lot about .Net, but a lot about India and its people. Why not travel and have fun while learning. The people in India are the most friendly I have ever met. We are living in a global community now, and the sum is greater than the individual parts.

You can checkout my blog at http://gpatlantaindiaconnection.spaces.live.com/