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My original reasons for going to Koenig Solutions were twofold...

George Leithead (United Kingdom), MCPD ASP.Net, Windows & Enterprise Application Developer 3.5 08 Jun to 02 Jul 2009

My original reasons for going to Koenig Solutions were twofold.  Firstly they were recommended to me by former colleagues and secondly it was at a very attractive price!  Originally I planned to go to their training facility in Goa, India in early March but this proved unachievable.  I was not able to attend the Microsoft training course until June. As such I thought that going to somewhere like Goa would be simply too hot for me and therefore make it challenging for study.  After some further advice I decided to attend their Shimla facility.  The travel there would be longer, but I think I made the right decision.

Upon arriving in Delhi, India I was hit straight away with the sheer heat and was thankful that I had indeed decided to go to Shimla, India which is much further north and in the Himalayas.  The instant that I arrived in India all of the Koenig staff were polite, courteous, friendly and very informative.  This was to be continued through my entire Microsoft Training time in India with Koenig Solutions.

I took the night bus from Delhi to Shimla, which was perfectly fine and gave me my first experience of India, even if from an air conditioned bus and through a window.  Upon arriving in Shimla I was greeted again by helpful and friendly Koenig staff and taken to my hotel, which was the Hotel Willow Banks.  The hotel has big rooms and is right on a main street called “The Mall”.  This made it convenient for entertainment, food, shopping and general sightseeing.  The only problem I had was that on the top floor, during a heat wave/drought, the hotel room became very hot during the night as it did not have air-conditioning but simple fans.  However, when the heat wave broke (and the monsoons came) it was pleasant enough.

Every day you had the option of being driven to the training centre or walking.  The walk from the hotel does require a fair amount of up-hill walking but is pleasant enough and takes about 40 minutes at a leisurely pace.  This is well worth it as it affords some great views and experiences.  The walk back from the training centre is much easier as it is mostly down-hill and takes you through the main market areas.  The cab ride however, for someone from Europe, is quite an experience.  Our driver was an excellent driver and very safety conscious.  He took care of us at all times and made sure that our cab experience was appropriate and pleasant.

The training centre itself has a large number of private laboratories that provides for a number of different students to study a number of different subjects.  Each laboratory had its own computer systems and air conditioning facilities.  The examination facilities were also very well organised and very conducive to taking exams and feeling comfortable.  There was also a large dining area where all of the students could eat their lunch.  The food provided by Koenig Solutions, especially the “Koenig Special” which was prepared by the chef who provides the meals at the serviced apartments, was excellent.  It was always a disappointment when the chef had a day off and you then had to choose from a different menu!  There was also an available area at the top of the building that you could use to take a break, get some fresh air, watch people in their daily life and take in the stunning and expansive scenery.

I had booked a “Fast Track” for MCPD Enterprise Application Developer (.Net 3.5) course and when I arrived I was expecting to be placed in a group with other students and therefore be subject to learning at the pace of the slowest/least experienced person.  I was pleasantly surprised therefore to find that I was not within a group but on my own and provided with a dedicated lecturer.  As a direct result of this I found it much more conducive to learning.  My lecturer was really nice, extremely friendly, he has excellent English, is very engaging when delivering his Microsoft Training material, and most importantly, he really knew his subjects.  At every occasion that I had a question on the subject he was able to directly answer these questions and was able to provide further explanations and where appropriate examples.

As I was the only one receiving tutelage from him we were able to go at a pace that suited me perfectly.  We concentrated on areas where I was weak or had no previous knowledge, whilst going faster over areas where I was stronger and had relevant experience.  Where the official Microsoft Training literature was incomplete or lacking, he provided me with invaluable additional material that really helped me understand the subject.  It was only with the expert help from him that I was able to pass all of my exams and thoroughly enjoy my learning experiences at Koenig Solutions in Shimla.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Microsoft Training experience at Koenig Solutions and in Shimla.  Without fail I was provided appropriate support at every stage of my trip and learning experience.  When you look forward to going to training and examinations every day and still have a smile on your face at the end of the day, this says an awful lot about the experience.  I am looking forward to my next training experience with Koenig Solutions.

George Leithead