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Koenig was a very enjoyable place to do my 5 weeks of study...

Fred Manders (Netherlands), MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer 3.5 22 Jun to 27 Jul 2009

Koenig was a very enjoyable place to do my 5 weeks of study. I was sent there by my company in the Netherlands. They already had a few other good experiences with Koenig by sending their employees there. Mine was no other.

Not only did Koenig arrange everything from food, accommodation to daily pick-up and drop-off. They also helped me with planning my two weeks of vacation in India before the start of my course. With all that assistance from Koenig regarding some basic necessities, you can completely focus on the courses you are taking.

My training was 1-on-1 and when we started, I definitely had to slow down a bit, because a lot of this stuff was new to me. I could stop my trainer at any time if something wasn’t clear, until I had a full grasp of it. This tailor-made training was a very good experience for me. When we got to the database stuff, we actually were able to speeds things up, leaving me with 3 free days at the ends of my course. In which I started building a hobby project, in which my trainer assisted me as well.

I stayed at their training facility in Shimla. Since I was gonna be here for most part of the monsoon, Goa didn’t seem like a good plan, since it would be hot with a lot of rain, so you couldn’t really enjoy the surroundings there. New Delhi seemed like a bit to busy and crowed to really focus on studying. So it was either Dehradun or Shimla, both good places to escape the heat during these warm months. One of my colleagues had a great time in Shimla, so I went for the latter one.

Shimla is great! It had pleasant temperatures ranging from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. You have amazing views from your apartment, hotel and even training center. Even though taking courses 6 days a week seems a bit much, Shimla can really help you relax.

Although it might seem like hard work, you should definitely make some room for leisure as well. With the training going in your own pace and the teacher willing to explain everything to detail until you get it, you should be fine passing all the exams.

In Shimla there are a lot of cool things to see and do. From the Mall, the church and Jakhoo Temple in Shimla itself, to Hatu Peak, playing golf on the highest golf course in the world and white water rafting.

For an amazing experience abroad, where you will be able to learn a lot, see some beautiful sites, have some thrilling experiences and make new friends with the other students or trainers, you should definitely come to India for a training session at Koenig Solutions!