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I am Ferry Sol from the Netherlands...

Ferry Sol (Netherlands), CCA for Citrix Access Gateway 4.5 06 Oct to 19 Oct 2007

I am Ferry Sol from the Netherlands.

After finishing my MCSE in the Netherlands I was looking for another way to improve my knowledge, experience and value on the IT-Market. Looking a bit around I came up with the idea to do CCNA and CCA.

First I came across some training centres which provided CCNA, Citrix courses for a large amount of money which I intended to do, but after more research I came up with Koenig Solutions with very attractive prices for their courses. For the same amount I could have a little vacation in India, get my knowledge and get a 1 on 1 training.

Within a day the plans had been made, the study was arranged and the flight was booked. After a journey of 10 hours I was friendly welcomed at the airport and picked up and dropped off at my hotel.

With one day of relaxation between arrival and course I had plenty of time to adjust, rest and enjoy a little from the Indian culture.

After that day, my study started. I was picked up from the hotel and within half an hour we arrived at the training centre at Patel Nagar. At first I was a bit pessimistic about the training, not sure if they were really teaching you the matter or if they would like to boost you trough the stuff and just make sure you passed the exam with some dumps from the exam. Luckily within a day I was convinced they really teach you what you want to know, not only the theory about the matter, but also practice everything with provide equipment. The equipment wasn't the most modern, but it was good enough to learn how to deal with the matter. For lunch we had to fill in what we wanted to eat and around 13.00 they provided you with lunch to enjoy the things you've ordered.

A couple of days intensive learning and a day for exam training provided me with all the knowledge I needed to be confident I would pass the exam. The exam training was more to make sure you know what you're talking about, understand the questions… and to check which questions you answered wrong and why you answered them wrong.

The CCA was passed with a nice score of 96%, my CCNA exam passed by 92% (did skipped the hotspot accidentally, else I would have 100% probably). After finished the training, I had 2 weeks left of vacation in India to travel around and do some sightseeing, shopping and working form the hotel room.

All together it was a great experience, all people seem to be very nice, of course some for business, some just because they are nice. Children in streets running towards you just to be friendly, shake your hand and have a little conversation. Cab drivers who start friendly without intentions, and after some minutes saying they know a great bazaar for shopping around (Just say you're not interested, they want to take you to some ‘expensive' bazaar where to get their provision).

Maybe next year I will return for some new training, thinking to do CCNP and maybe some specialisation in Cisco security. For all people I can recommend this, make as much notes as you can during training and really get to know what you're doing.

Wish all the best,

Kind regards Ferry Sol.