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I arrived in New Delhi early morning and was met by a Koenig employee who brought me to a hotel...

Felicita Leticia Bledsoe (United States), CCNA Voice v8.0/v9.0 (ICOMM);CCNA, CCNP, CCNA Voice v8.0 & CCNP Voice v8.0 24 Sep to 15 Oct 2011

I arrived in New Delhi early morning and was met by a Koenig employee who brought me to a hotel. The next day, I was introduced to other fellow students and employees that reside at the hotel. I was served with breakfast and dinner on that day. The hotel arranged a Spa appointment for me since I had one day to spare prior to departing to Dehradun. I definitely enjoyed the time spent at the Spa. The next morning at about 5am I was picked up from the hotel by another Koenig employee who brought me and the other student to the train station and he made sure that we were on the right train and seats. 

I arrived in Dehradun after a 5 hour train trip. I enjoyed watching the different cities as we pass through. At arrival, someone from Koenig was waiting for us and escorted us straight to the Koenig Center to have lunch. The Center Manager welcomed us with opened arms. We immediately started our orientation, registration and were introduced to the immediate staff.

After registration, a Koenig employee drove me to the Country House. I have to say I was a bit nervous as I was not use to seeing all the cows and people walking so freely on the road . After we arrived at the Country House, I received a warm welcome by the staff which made me feel more comfortable with my surroundings and my stay. That night, during dinner I was able to meet the other fellow students. 

The next morning, breakfast was at 8am and I was prepared for my first day of class. I have signed up for a 1-on-1 training in CCNA Voice. Once I arrived at the center I was introduced to my instructor and from that moment on, my training began. 

My instructor was very knowledgeable and an expert on the system. He assisted me and tried to make me understand how to troubleshoot the system. Real-life scenarios will vary but the concepts and theories all seem to go hand-in-hand with the material that we reviewed prior to the practicals. I have to admit that this really helped me when it was time to take the exam. I had better understanding of the question. I completed my CCNA Voice in a timely manner and requested to upgrade my course to CCNP Voice with 1-on-1 training in fast-track.

Koenig staff made this opportunity possible since I had my vacation allotted for Koenig training. I was able to complete the courses and passed all six Cisco exams.

Although the training was excellent and the labs helped me to understand the scenarios better but in order to mastered my goals, I had spent a lot of time studying after school hours. There were many sleepless nights in which on an average, I spent between 4 and 6 hours at night studying.

Almost 4 weeks in India, I lived an adventurous life by visiting the Rajaji National Park. I have challenged myself to upgrade my course to CCNP Voice and I had the pleasure and humbly moments with my fellow students, all the trainers, the whole staff at Koenig Center and interacted with the caretakers at the Country House.

I appreciate all the hard work Koenig staff has put into ensuring us that we were stress free. I know this has helped me achieved my goals. I also loved the food at the Country House. I also learned a lot about India’s diverse culture and I am planning to go back to India one day and attempt to work on another certification but this time, I will allow extra days for me to tour more of India.

I am leaving India with a different mindset. I came here thinking one way and I am leaving India thinking in a different way. I am going back with more of an open mind. I had an awesome time in India and it most definitely helped my career, so if you have this chance, don't hesitate, just do it and live the experience!

Thank you Koenig!
Leticia Bledsoe