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My name is Esther Wannyana, and I work with Rural Communications Development Fund of Uganda Communications Commission...

Esther Wannyana (Uganda), A+ (2009);Network+;MCTS:  Windows Small Business Server 2008, Configuration 12 Mar to 01 Apr 2012

My name is Esther Wannyana, and I work with Rural Communications Development Fund of Uganda Communications Commission. The department is responsible for introducing and extending  ICT  services to rural, underserved areas of Uganda and it is my role as Technical Monitoring officer to implement technical audits and monitor impact of these ICT projects  on behalf of the Commission as well as give appropriate guidance to the administrators of these projects in rural areas.

I first of all commend Koenig-Solutions for the guidance and assurance of a helping hand long before we set foot out of our home countries, and the warmest reception you give us students upon arrival at the airport. All the briefing and support your team gives us is more than appreciated especially by foreigners like me, stepping into India for the first time. I have never been that warmly received at any place in my life so I thank you Koenig.

When I looked at the course ware I was given upon arrival in India, I was apprehensive and scared of how much I had to cover in six days of my first module CompTIA A+ and the one day I had left to prepare  for the exam. I was left to think that I may not have even half the brain to make my organization proud!

 Come day 1 of the course, I met my Trainer. He gave us an outline of what we were to study and what score we needed to pass the exam. I was the only female in a class of three gentlemen!! His approach to the course was more than amazing and after Day 2, he had given me the confidence that I shall overcome A+ at the end of the allocated days. His approach was giving us the knowledge as well as background into the parts of the course I thought I knew, but had no idea of the origin. He gave my colleagues and I more insight into IT to make us IT professionals back home and he did all this selflessly and without complaining. He encouraged us to share knowledge with each other, discuss what we have learnt and help each other to catch up so that no one is left behind. He gave us training more than adequate to prepare us for the exam as well as putting in the extra knowledge to know more than we set out to learn and by Day 6, I had full confidence that I can do A+ and make myself, my Trainer, Koenig and my organization proud. With study material and guidance from my trainer, I indeed excelled in my A+ exam and look forward to achieving even better in my N+ and MCTS: Windows SBS 2008 certification.

The Staff at the training centre has been more than kind and supportive in so many ways anyone else wouldn’t and without asking for anything in return. My trainer helped me use the right steps to acquire non-counterfeit and highly trusted hardware (External Hard disk, DVD writer and pen drive), at affordable prices and the most trusted brands, Thank you to my trainer. I also commend other staff at the centre; Hema, Gaurav and the people who checked in on our study rooms on a daily basis to make sure we order our lunch on time and we had water to drink. They made the centre truly hospitable.

Also the staff at Koenig Inn, who daily asked us if we were comfortable with our rooms, our meals, what we needed to change and feedback on the services at the Inn. Thank you for making sure that you show us where to go in Karol Bagh to receive good service and availing trusted people to accompany us wherever we wanted to go. Thank you for taking care of our rooms and our laundry and for the most diligent and selfless service I have ever had in my life in a foreign country.

To Koenig, you have made India home away from home. A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Esther (Uganda)