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I had a great time studying at Koenig's in Shimla...

Eric De Boer (Netherlands), MCPD: Web Developer 26 May to 18 Jun 2008

I had a great time studying at Koenig's in Shimla. When I returned at the office my role as developer changed to team leader. With the knowledge of the .NET platform a learned at the courses I now can answer the questions of my team and made decisions for applications to build. The next text is how I experienced Shimla.

Apeldoorn 23 June 2008: I am going to India. A few weeks ago we made the decision. India, with just a few expectations leaving my kids and wife at home. With the Internet the world is not as big as it was a few decades ago. How will it be four weeks in a hotel and study?

Well, I am back as Microsoft Certified Professional Developer – Web Applications. I reached my goals and had a great time.

With the professional help of the teachers at Koenig's I now can build professional web applications that fits the customer’s requirements. They told me how to use the tools with examples from their jobs in the field.

I enjoyed my time in Shimla. The people were friendly and always at your service. It gave me the possibility to focus on the .NET platform without being disturbed by colleagues, phone calls and so on.

If you are not afraid of working hard: studying at Koenig will be a good decision.