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I am working as Application Support Engineer, for Petroleum Company in my country...

Elsheikh Medani (Sudan), Oracle9i Forms Developer (OCA & OCP);Oracle9i DBA OCA 25 May to 17 Jun 2009

I am working as Application Support Engineer, for Petroleum Company in my country.  My career need raised to get some benchmark established in technical side of knowledge of developer extended concepts and DBA. I researched certification providing centers in other countries and India but finally decided to pursue with Koenig Solutions at Shimla center.

Having heard from few of my friends that certification in Oracle is not easy, but I decided to take a move.

The training experience at Koenig specially, with my instructor cleared my most of the concepts in such a short duration that I can’t imagine after passing my complete OCP track as a developer and OCA as DBA. I never thought that such big technical concepts will be cleared in a practical approach in such short time. I am definitely thinking of completing my full OCP DBA from Koenig next year, if possible with the same instructor.

Shimla and Sanjauli are very nice places and have some great views. From the top of the Koenig centre you have a great view over a nice town called Sanjauli and over the mountains for instance. And the weather here is very pleasant and very good for concentration on study.

I also had a wireless connection in my apartment room so i could log on to the internet with my laptop at any time. Overall it was a great experience which i can look back on the rest of my life. I came here, studied hard and got my certification. I reached the goals i set out to achieve here in Shimla with the help of the Koenig staff.

Really I utilized nice days here with full service from Koenig because they take care each of every things from your arrival till departure, you have to come with your mind set for learning only and let the other for Koenig

Overall my rating concerned was training was excellent.

Elsheikh Medani
Application Support Engineer
White Petroleum Operating Company