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My name is Ebey George; I am currently working in Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia as Admin...

Ebey George (India), RHCE 17 Mar to 01 Apr 2010

My name is Ebey George; I am currently working in Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia as Admin. Assistant.  I have not taken an IT course or never attended a boot camp before, but with a desire to pursue a Certification in Linux administration, I joined Koenig Solutions, Goa for RHCE Certification Course.  I was very much uncertain whether I could finish the course within just two weeks having no prior knowledge or background either in networking or server administration.  The center's administration recommended me for a 30 days course that would give enough time for lessons and lab, but it was impractical for me as a working individual to spare 30 days for training.  So I decided to go for a fast track 1-on-1 course which had helped me a lot to get undivided attention when compared to a regular boot camp.

Out of the four exotic locations, I wasn’t quite sure where to attend the class, but finally made up my mind to take it in Goa.  It is indeed very beautiful, peaceful, less crowded place with warm weather, many beaches and so many tourists.

All the staff at Koenig was very helpful and friendly, they wanted me to send my itinerary before my arrival so that they could make my Airport pick up, hotel and daily transportation arrangement. 

I must mention my instructor is a very young, much talented, and a friendly person who has extensive Red Hat Linux knowledge who personally prepared me how to proceed with the course materials and to prepare myself for the test in the shortest amount of time possible. He even guided me with the importance and advantages of using Linux.  He is exceptionally knowledgeable that he could immediately rectify any command errors right away with no time wasted.  He showed great patience all the time.  I got enough time to practice my lessons in the lab and all doubts were cleared in the class itself, and he even advised me to contact him any time of the day or night if I still had doubts.

I am very thankful to all the staff at Koenig for their help, support and guidance that made my short period with Koenig very enjoyable and memorable.

I would personally recommend anyone who is interested to get trained or certified in IT courses to join Koenig as the instructors are superb, courses can be customized to suit your requirements and can give you the career guidance. They will accomplish what they have promised.

I am looking forward to come back to Koenig for a different IT course possibly at a different location. 

Ebey George
Admin. Assistant
Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia